Florida Letter Carrier Featured On “This American Life”

11/22/2010 “In the prologue of this weekend’s “This American Life” radio show, host Ira Glass talks to Paul Gereffi, a letter carrier from Ft. Lauderdale Branch 2550, who helped save the life of a stabbing victim who saw Gereffi’s mail truck and flagged him down. Because of Gereffi’s intervention, he was later named the 2008 Eastern Region Hero of the Year.”

An NALC member was featured on the November 19th episode of National Public Radio’s “This American Life” in a segment entitled “Neighborhood watch.”

The episode highlights the interactions of people in various neighborhoods across the county and how these interactions among members of a particular neighborhood, or lack thereof, make them unique.

The efforts of Fort Lauderdale letter carrier Paul Gereffi, the 2008 NALC Eastern Region Hero of the Year, demonstrate the important role letter carriers have in neighborhoods across the country. Letter carriers continue to be the eyes and ears for communities throughout America; they keep their fingers on the pulse of America, six days a week.

As show host Ira Glass notes, “It’s so common for carriers to stumble onto something during their route – to perform a good deed – that these incidents are a regular feature of the letter carrier association’s monthly magazine.”

Letter carriers do not stand idle but step in and offer their assistance – often risking their own lives – for the good of their communities.

Click the link to hear some of Paul’s story as portrayed on “This American Life.”

source: NALC Activist Alert