Video: Florida Mail carrier, boyfriend accused of stealing credit cards


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A U.S. Postal Service mail carrier and her boyfriend were arrested Thursday on allegations that they stole numerous credit cards and used them in various transactions.

According to an arrest report, a USPS inspector was notified about several complaints from Miami Beach residents about mail that was never received. One of the victims called the inspector April 30 and said a letter from American Express, which contained a credit card, was never delivered.

“I had expected a new credit card from American Express,” Spring Lite told Local 10 News. “It had been mailed out on a Monday and on Wednesday, I called to let them know I still didn’t have it.”

Police said American Express was notified and confirmed that the credit card had been used at Walmart to make a purchase of $430. 78.

Further investigation revealed that the person who made the purchase was James Macklin, 29, who was identified by a Post Office manager as the boyfriend of one of her mail carriers, Nasheria James, 28, the report said.

Mail carrier, boyfriend accused of stealing credit cards in Miami Beach

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  1. She is a City Carrier Assistant making only $16.06 an hour. You get what you pay for.

    • Exactly.

      Notice the huge number of these kinds of stories, along with the throwing away of mail, once the cca position was created ?

      The only thing wrong with the USPS, is mgmt, period.

  2. Qualifications for doing this job have dropped drastically over the last few years…………….and the Postal Service is suffering for it

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