Florida man claims Trump campaign mailer was defaced before being delivered

From the Ledger:

WINTER HAVEN — Richard White received an unwelcome message Saturday in the mail.

Written across a mailer from the Donald Trump campaign was a message written in black ink that read “MAILMAN SAYS HILLARY 2016.”


This envelope defaced with a political message arrived in Winter Haven resident Richard White’s mailbox Saturday.

He said he complained to postal officials at Winter Haven’s Florence Villa post office.

U.S. Postal Service spokeswoman Enola Rice said “The Postal Service is currently investigating the incident alleged to have occurred in Winter Haven, and will take appropriate action depending upon the results of the investigation,” she said.

White said earlier this year that a photo of Trump on another campaign mailing he received was defaced by someone who altered the image to make Trump appear like the devil, complete with horns that contained a message that read Trump will destroy the post office.

Source: Trump mailer defaced before delivered | TheLedger.com

24 thoughts on “Florida man claims Trump campaign mailer was defaced before being delivered

  1. All you people that think Mr. Bankruptcy is a great choice, you will get what you deserve! Mr. Bankruptcy not only mocks disabled people, he brags about how he has used bankruptcy laws to his advantage to cheat workers out of their pay! He even said that “He could shoot up Times Square and people would still vote for him” Mr. Dumpty Flunky is a real piece of work! This whole story can’t be believed. Only someone dumb enough to vote for Dumpty Flunky could have marked up the letter as shown. Any carrier would know they would be done and gone!

    • So that makes it okay to deface US mail? Your rant has even less credence than Hillary’s testimonies.

  2. you just know the UPS or FDX people would write Trump 2016! winners follow winners and losers follow losers.

  3. I agree. The customer did this himself. Probably wants to play victim just like Drumpf does with his constant claims of unfairness and things being rigged.

    And yes this would have been in DPS mail. It IS addressed. You can see where the poor “victim” has covered it in the photo. Yeah, I wouldn’t want anyone knowing where I lived if I supported the talking yam either.

  4. Sounds like BS to me…………………. They would know exactly who delivered it. anyone stupid enough to actually do it should be fired…………..for being such an idiot.

    • Funny. You can see that’s a “university” ring? Trump university? Actually my high school ring looks just like that. You must have very good eyes to know its a university ring. I saw one just like it at a garage sale today. I bought it for 7 bucks so every moron who sees it and doesn’t know anything will think I’m a real smart college educated guy. You know, a tRUMP voter!!

  5. if you look at the picture of the man holding the mailing you will see a university class ring, most likely from a real university, unlike the po mismanagers who get theirs online and act like they went to Harvard. a guy like this does not suffer fools gladly, and boy are most post office people fools! he does not look like he has to beg for the 1% gum-mint cheese! I thank him for outing the low information clowns going to vote the criminal ticket!

    • Did you EVER stop to think, “Gee, maybe this was done at the pre-sort mailing house it came from? You know, the ones that pay the workers slave wages, and no benefits? I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Total sweat shops.

      • Lotta Gue, Comey said no such thing. Perhaps you should consider finding another source for you (mis)information.

  6. not everyone is a loser that can not get a real job other than low brow blue collar post office. Hillary Rotten Clinton is an unindicted criminal, just ask FBI Director Comey. some of you dopes would vote for Stalin and Mao just to get your crummy 1%. I remember Bush/Gore and the democrap scare campaign trying to get the low IQ, low information po worker to vote Gore or the PO would be sold off, wrong I got two $300 checks from Bush. Never got squat from Carter, Clinton, Obammy. best raise ever was from Republican Richard Nixon in 1970-5%. open borders and millions of mussies who down the road will kill the infidel…..no thanks Killary! Trump/Pence 2016!

    • Very good point. Another liberal tactic to try and discredit and swing the spotlight off of Shillery.

  7. Two things, political mail with a first class stamp on it? Secondly, Trump hasn’t done any mailings or TV ads yet. Sounds like this is a doctored piece by some nut.

    • It’s not necessarily a carrier who did this. It could have happened at the P&DC. Also, there IS an address on it and most likely a barcode. The customer is covering it up with a piece of paper.

  8. I’m calling BS on this. With DPS, the carrier doesn’t even see most of what he’s delivering and doesn’t have time to mess with it if he does. This customer is a nut.

      • white labels were affixed on mailpiece to cover Mr. Whites address. I have delivered MANY of these the last couple weeks!

  9. must have a 204b in there to have that much office time to spell it correctly.

    Probably Godzilla, B.King, the janitors, Nick, Manson, etc. will have another
    3-5day thread about it , much like every other high volume comment article.
    Mostly off the topic and involving fast food or how they took their breaks.

  10. That was stupid. I know I get tired of delivering campaign shit but we are not allowed by law to discuss politics on our routes or actively campaign outside putting a sign up in our yards. I have to deliver mailings for the party I hate, but the postage has been paid, and like so much other crap I have to deliver it’s not my place to comment on any of it.
    If I could, I’d outlaw mailings from churches that send out solicitations that are obvious scams, like “prayer cloths”, useless trinkets, and other cheap shit designed to separate the most idiotic and superstitious from their money. Faith healers, one crook and I’m sure there’s more who called himself a “prophet” and now says he’s an “apostle”, fear mongering churches sending out Armageddon flyers to scare you into going to one of their phony revivals – it never ends.
    I am not opposed to getting mailings from a customer’s own church – bulletins, announcements for activities, etc. It’s only when they hit every house that I get angry because it’s imposing on our privacy and because they use government property, the mailbox, it’s a violation of church and state.
    Still, I am powerless to do anything as a letter carrier but deliver it and let fools part with their money. We do not deface customer’s mail, period and that carrier needs disciplined.

    • So you would cut out mailers that make up a good size piece of our income? You sound like management more than a craft employee. Not too bright.

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