Former Oklahoma Postmaster receives suspended sentence for assault and rape charges

CLAREMORE — A former Grove and Claremore U.S. Postal Service employee charged with sexually assaulting a Rogers County woman pleaded guilty to reduced assault charges and received a two-year suspended sentence, court officials said Wednesday.

James Monroe Bullis Sr., 48 of Claremore, was in Rogers County District Court Monday for trial on two counts of assault and battery by strangulation and rape by instrumentation and sexual battery.

Instead, he entered pleas to two misdemeanor counts of domestic assault and battery and was sentenced to a one-year suspended sentence on each charge. The sentences are to run consecutively, online court records show.

Bullis is also ordered to attend a yearlong domestic-violence class and have no contact with the victim. He is to return to court on June 20 for a review, records show.

The charges stem from a Jan. 22, 2012, offense in which the victim received minor injuries but was not treated at a hospital.

via Former Grove postmaster receives suspended sentence- Grove Sun – Delaware County Journal

7 thoughts on “Former Oklahoma Postmaster receives suspended sentence for assault and rape charges

  1. I know for a fact that the Postmaster got in trouble a couple of times in the Army for “Puffing on Pickles” and got caught after the third “Pickle Puffing” and getting caught he was on the line for a DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE -“The PICKLE PUFFER” checked into a Army Psychiatric in Germany so he could get HELP-Mr. Puffer when he gets backed in a corner such as beating violently his wife-kid’s pets and the PO-POS haul Mr. Puffer to jail he cries about PTSD the war made him that way-Guess what Mr. Puffer spent 57 days in Saudi Arabia saw no action. Mr. Puffer has “Never” fought a man. Rodgers County let Mr. Puffer out the PO-POS will see Mr. Puffer again he has already killed his first wife-Cathy Lynn Bullis on 29-January-2003 I know I am Cathy’s Mother and I have known Mr. Puffer since 1979.

  2. Would have gotten more justice by kicking him in the nuts and calling his wife or girlfriend. USPS does not care about our health & safety why would they care about horse play in the office?


  4. Hey…..’Retired Hammer’…. When you read the posts on ‘Postal Reporter’, there are more of these stories related to (craft SCUM) than there are for management. Sounds to me that you have quite a few ‘skeletons’ in your closet???

  5. Thank god he kept his job. He is the poster boy for management. Even sexual predator(management scum) still have jobs and will be promoted.

  6. Why would anything happen? The postal service does not take sexual harassment seriously why would the Good Ole Boys Club care about rape.

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