Former postal worker sentenced in home invasion robbery of another postal worker

EVERETT — Investigators might never know why a south Seattle man without any criminal history and a good job took part in a terrifying home invasion robbery in the Silver Lake area.

Two intruders forced their way into a woman’s house March 29. They kicked in locked bedroom and bathroom doors to get to the woman who was hiding in the bathtub. One man grabbed the woman’s phone from her. He also ripped a necklace off the woman. Detectives don’t know why the men picked that house.

Calvin Bennett, 27, worked at turning himself into authorities. He started calling sheriff’s deputies the day after the robbery. He later took a bus up to Snohomish County, flagged down a sheriff’s captain and admitted he was involved.

Bennett was sentenced Thursday to 2½ years in prison. He pleaded guilty last month to second-degree robbery, first-degree burglary and attempted third-degree assault on a corrections officer.

2 thoughts on “Former postal worker sentenced in home invasion robbery of another postal worker

  1. I am glad that this lady was not hurt any worse than she was. The standard that one
    should plan on receiving is different in each state. I was told by several police in
    Michigan that they don’t investigate Poisoning in the workplace. The Department of labor doesn’t , so who is accountable for workers safety?. From what I have seen you
    are just out of Luck, and maybe out of time.

  2. The way the USPS hires its supervisors is horrendous. Adultry, thieves, and people who have been Dishonerable discharged from the service are allowed supervisor slots. The NDC here in Denver is a prime example. I have retired after 9 years of service. Too bad

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