GOP candidate arrested for mailing pipe bomb package that exploded and injured pregnant postal worker

A former Republican political candidate in Indiana who authored a right-wing blog was arrested this week for allegedly mailing a pipe bomb and a threatening letter containing a bullet to two of his political opponents. The pipe bomb exploded at a post office, leaving a pregnant postal worker with “cuts, abrasions and bruises to her head, legs, and feet.”

Eric Krieg, a 45-year-old resident of the city of Munster, was charged with knowing possession of a destructive device and transporting explosive materials. He was arrested on Thursday after the FBI executed search warrants at his residence, his work and on his vehicle.


The package containing a pipe bomb that exploded at a post office in East Chicago, Indiana, on Sept. 6 had been addressed to an attorney who the feds labeled “Victim 1.” The lawyer had represented a person who filed a defamation lawsuit against Krieg that was settled for around $60,000, which led Krieg to declare bankruptcy, according to the feds.

The feds say Krieg was a blogger who went by the nickname “buzzcut” and wrote a blog, “Blue County in a Red State,” which is no longer active. The blog’s tagline said it was about “Life in the most corrupt county in America: Lake County, Indiana.” But Krieg, who was described by a local columnist as “the unofficial mud-thrower of the Lake County Republican Party,” has run for county council and as country surveyor in Lake County. Read more

The complaint alleges that, on or about September 6, 2017, Krieg mailed a package at an US Postal Facility in East Chicago, Indiana that exploded. On or about September 29, 2017, Krieg mailed a suspicious package to another individual.  On October 12, 2017, search warrants were executed on Krieg’s residence, place of employment and vehicle.  After executing the search warrants, Krieg was arrested on the above charges.

27 thoughts on “GOP candidate arrested for mailing pipe bomb package that exploded and injured pregnant postal worker

    • Get real. Bernie would of had every college shut down in America, with China picking up the slack. Face it, Bernie would have sat in a big chair for 4 years with no backing. Bernie a street thug of NYC, now a quaint Vermonter, Bernie did some magnificent porn writing to his mind’s insight. Bernie’s 1st wife bolted for the door to escape Bernie, just like every intelligent American should do. Appreciate your USA Constitution, liberties and freedoms. If you are wise enough to fully comprehend the gift of our forefathers. Our forefathers knew oppression along with physical and mental abuse. Now reach a little deeper into your consciousness and present some logical thinking. Stick to the crime.

  1. If he ran for office in Darrell Assa’s district in San Diego County he would still win even after this.

    • The Mailman
      Are you sure u were not referring to Nyquil Nick. I ask you? How can two men be of the same, but one having views of social collective embezzlement controlling authoritative whipping views. The other having views of individualism, not socially hindered by collective embezzlement. These are two destinies. May peace find Nyquil Nick, I asked the LORD to forgive him.

  2. Make him endure the same type of pipe bomb blowing up in his face the way he did it to the innocent victim minding her own business performing her public service. Eye for an eye motherf*^>#r!

    • Tired mailman
      The guy had no aim but selfishness .
      Life-no less. The thought process used are nothing but pure evil.
      Obama and Clinton let political knumbskulls walk. Both for political reasoning.

  3. When this story was originally published, I said “Indiana, hot bed of the alt. right “. Well kids, Nicky was right.

  4. Another Republican psycho snaps and flips and almost kills a pregnant woman. Lock him up along with our nutjob “president.”

  5. Another example of insanity and pure hate from a Republican monster who could have killed an innocent pregnant woman while trying to carry out his deranged scheme. Of course, the term “terrorist” as far as Republicans are concerned applies only to non-white, non-Christian liberal people and those of other nationalities. When God is on your side, or the NRA, which for all intent is treated like a God-organization by millions of people, you do not commit terrorist acts regardless of how many people you kill.
    The Pulse nightclub in Orlando? Well, according to some deranged Christian cult people and other far right lunatics was justified because the victims killed and wounded were part of the LGBT community. And God, who is a Republican and NRA member, not to mention a neo-Nazi and Alex Jones fan, sanctioned the murders. You see, the cult truly believes it has received orders from Him to judge and prosecute anybody they damn well please. But the selection of “sins” that they pay attention to is very limited. To the LGBT’s and minority persecution. Not to adultery. Not to drug abusing clergy. Not to mass murderers if they’re white. Not to pedophilia, corruption or misogyny. It’s a very peculiar list.
    And Wayne LaPierre, a deranged supporter of violent criminal through his insistence that the Las Vegas massacre, a real one, not like the fake Bowling Green massacre, was the fault of liberals in Hollywood, and the availability of extremely powerful assault weapons and piss poor screening procedures had nothing to do with it.
    Nobody can talk sense to some people, who kill, applaud acts of terror, such as the neo-Nazi who deliberately ran over and killed a woman in Charlottesville, VA, because she was a “liberal”, “overweight”, and a “lesbian – probably”. I kid you not. Some terrible assholes were glad she died, and used those excuses as justification for her murder. And this GOP candidate uses the mail to try to maim or murder people he disagreed with? Are we going to see a wave of violence again against postal workers? I hope not.

  6. Couldn’t help but notice he is a Ratpublican, the party of “law and order”. U. S. senator John Thune last week said ” The people are going to have to take steps to precautions to protect themselves” The Ratpublicans are anything but law and order! The only thing they want to do is take from the workers and take care of the gun huggers and religious pudwackers.

    • wtodd
      Sadly a high crime was committed.
      Before you start taking the knee and cutting your own chances in life. You better appreciate the USA Constitution, liberties, freedoms

  7. The article didn’t mention his religion or race/ethnicity, so Im gonna guess he’s Christian and white, which means this was wasn’t a terrorist act. Amiright?

    • From”the Trump people”? Give me a break! This was a nutjob who happen to be a republican! Comments like the above makes me pessimistic about us ever coming together as a country for the good of the country..what a shame!

      • Mark, your not focusing on this high crime.
        Put this scumbag in chains for life.
        This whole matter is Political Terrorism.
        No trial straight to Guantanamo Bay

    • Many things don’t make the news at the spot light in your mind. I am at the point of mainstream news no longer exists in my world. Giving up these kooks that fill paid positions. My vote goes to US Constitutional supporters, my rights supporters, my liberties supporters, my individualism supporters. That leaves out all COMMEE’s, democrats, and Cuban supporters like Nyquil Nick.
      Stick to the crime.

        • A study of positive liberties vs negative liberties with studies in some theology.
          This will not convince you of my path or yours, but could open up information.
          Then the next time you hear a democrat, a republican, a person of faith, you may enhance. All 3 groups are separate, but so connected within themselves.

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