Hacker claims stolen USPS credentials offers access to it servers

security_hacker_From Business Insider:

A hacker is selling stolen credentials that purportedly give access to servers of the US Navy, Centers for Disease Control, US Postal Service, and other US government sites.

Listings for the accounts were found recently by Tech Insider on a dark web marketplace called The Real Deal, a popular site many cyber criminals use for buying and selling everything from illegal drugs to zero-day software exploits.

In all, the seller “popopret” was offering file transfer protocol (FTP) access to servers of noaa.gov (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), usps.gov (The US Postal Service), cdc.gov (Centers for Disease Control), jpl.nasa.gov (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory), and navy.mil (US Navy).

The US Postal Service told Tech Insider its corporate information security office would conduct “criminal investigations into these activities.”

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5 thoughts on “Hacker claims stolen USPS credentials offers access to it servers

  1. The USPS has done absolutely nothing from that last big cyber attack except offer some free software. They are incompetent, inept, and wouldn’t know what to do if the solution reached up and bit ’em on their collective asses. They need to hire the best computer geeks to install the top of the line servers and a network that would make it much much more difficult to hack. After all, the USPS is the largest employer in the US.
    Has anybody in management that deals with this kind of shit ever thought that these hackers could steal our TSP’s, annuities, and other benefits? And how long do you think it would take to get our money back? You probably wouldn’t. With all the cyber crime out there, and the inability for most firms and individuals who don’t sit around popping their pimples and trying to crash every server in the world to protect themselves, it makes the old idea of stuffing your savings into a mattress sound as secure as anything, because you sure don’t earn shit with CD’s and savings accounts any more. Wall Street wants everybody to buy high risk stocks and gamble their lives away while making killings off the commissions.
    And Trumpty Dumpty encourages Russian computer spies to hack Democrats and then say he was just being sarcastic. What does this maniac/moron have to do to convince Republican voters just how terrible he is? What would GOP fans have done if Bill Clinton or Barack Obama were accused of doing the same? Yes, governments spy on each other, try to influence elections and politics, but to openly invite such activity is tantamount to treason, and Republicans damn well know it. It’s because the GOP leadership is so fucking corrupt and the average GOP voter is so fucking stupid that nothing is being done.

  2. At least now these supposedly international”dark web”hackers have something better to do,as Donald Trump has giving the far more exciting assignment of finding Hillary Clinton’s discarded e-mails. Oops,Mike Hunt’s wife Opthella krak-Hunt,has been guaranteed protection from the,”dark web”,if they purchase a “protection plan” urgently from LIFELOCK. Hell,I must go now to CATCH my RUNNING REFRIGERATOR!! Our nations leadership are no better than my sixth-grade jokes.

  3. I’m sure Kristen and the hot-shot retired FBI agent are hot on the trial of this hacker.

  4. If the government is still using ftp instead of sftp they are idiots. (My error, I forgot we were talking about the government) There is not enough real information in this article to say what is really going on.

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