Haslett Post Office visit is ‘like going to Mayberry’

HASLETT – Step into the small brick Haslett U.S. Post Office built in 1958, and “it’s like going to Mayberry,” said local resident Lorie Heiler.

The post office is a place Heiler frequents for a dose of happy. It’s clear that other customers agree on her description. It has the small-town homey atmosphere made famous by the 1960s TV show “Mayberry R.F.D.”

They all point to longtime clerk Marion Smith, known for telling all her customers paying with credit or debit cards: “Swipe it like you mean it.”

Smith is a big-hearted, wise-cracking, one-woman comedy show at the office. “Our motto is if we don’t have it, you don’t need it,” she jokes with one customer.

She seems to know nearly everyone’s name. If she doesn’t, she greets the customer in with “sweetie” or “honey” while she helps them with packages and stamps.

source: Haslett Post Office visit is ‘like going to Mayberry’