Homeowner’s security camera catches postal worker throwing packages in Ohio

AURORA, Ohio — A homeowner’s security camera caught an outrageous delivery from a US Mail truck, and that has sparked a FOX 8 I-Team investigation.


The video shows a mail carrier just carelessly throwing packages out of the truck onto the resident’s driveway. It happened Saturday in Aurora.

Was the mail carrier just being lazy? Avoiding going out in the rain? Thinking no one was watching?

Source: Homeowner’s security camera catches postal worker throwing packages

8 thoughts on “Homeowner’s security camera catches postal worker throwing packages in Ohio

  1. Laziness and disrespect. Carrier should be disciplined and maybe others will not follow . We accept poor performance from too many employees. Something needs to change from the bottom up, before this company disappears.

      • Totally agree, see clerks tossing packages into hamper from a pretty good distance and could care less if your package is damaged. Also worked in the BMC/NDC for a number of years and they had packages dropping from belts @ 10 feet in the air into BMC carts. Just hope your package wasn’t the first in with a couple of hundred to follow. Needless to say we had a re-wrap dept full of broken up parcels and not a clue who they belonged too.

  2. You should see wat the clerk’s do inside.Ok maybe the carrier should hand deliver everyone and come back at Midnight!!

  3. Add this carrier to the list of those who refuse to learn anything. Here’s part of the possible “thinking” from this carrier:

    The clerks throw the parcels in the office. That is true, but it’s much shorter distances into individual route tubs. Heavy, fragile and items requiring signatures for certified, registered or Express packages are handled more carefully. This does not mean you can throw packages on the route because of another possibility:

    You’re lazy and stupid. So it’s raining. You get paid to work in the rain, and it’s the job of the carrier to ensure all parcels are left in secure dry places or leave notices if they can’t be protected. That covers the lazy. Here comes the stupid: cameras are everywhere these days. You are taking a big chance doing something idiotic like throwing these parcels out of your truck of getting caught on camera, and any carrier who hasn’t figured this out by now is truly stupid.

    You let management bully you into being sloppy and unsafe. Management doesn’t DO inclement weather. They are ordered by higher ups to push numbers, and totally disregard safety, weather conditions, or the impossibility of delivering a route in a reasonable time. They will not count your circulars, marriage mail or again, parcels accurately so they can try to force you to work faster without giving you the credit for time you need. They do not allow for traffic. They may claim to, but they don’t. They overburden carriers, and regulars who have been around the proverbial block a couple times generally don’t let some gung ho supervisor half or more their age with minimal experience push them around. Some are intimidated though, especially CCA’s and those who are easily bullied. That is where a good local union needs to show some balls and fight back for those who are afraid.
    But if you’re afraid and pressured, and feel that throwing parcels like this is only way you can escape harassment so you can carry that double load as fast as possible and screw the mail up royally while you do it because you don’t look at the names, streets and numbers like you should, you are wrong. Management will go after you for following their illegal orders. They won’t admit to harassing you to get done quick regardless of safety and will fire you for stuff like this. Maybe they should – seeing carriers pull this kind of stupid shit makes all carriers look bad.

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