House Committee Adopts Amendment to Restore Postal Service Standards, Approves Budget Bill

06/09/2016The House Appropriations Committee overwhelmingly approved an amendment on June 9 to restore the USPS service standards that were in place on July 1, 2012. The amendment, which was offered by Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), was adopted in a voice vote, with strong support from both Democrats and Republicans. After all the amendments were considered, the committee approved the Financial Services Appropriations bill in a vote of 30-17.

If enacted, the legislation would rescind the lower service standards the USPS implemented on Jan. 5, 2015 – which have wreaked havoc on mail delivery.

“This is great step forward for postal workers and our customers – big and small,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. “If it is passed into law, the bill would require the Postal Service to restore overnight mail delivery within metropolitan areas and towns, and re-establish the 2- and 3-day delivery standards for first-class mail and periodicals that were wiped out in 2015.

“This is a powerful example of how the demands of postal workers reflect the people’s demand for good postal service.

“But it is just the first step in a long process,” Dimondstein said. The full House must approve the Financial Services Appropriations bill and the Senate also must approve a similar provision in a final appropriations bill before it can become law.

A similar measure passed the House committee last year but never made its way through the Senate.

Legislative and Political Director Judy Beard said, “I want to thank Rep. Kaptur who introduced the amendment; Rep. David Joyce (R-OH), Rep. Jose Serrano (D-NY) and Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-PA) who spoke forcefully in support of the measure, and all the committee members who voted for it. I also want to thank our locals, state unions, retiree chapters and the APWU Auxiliary that have been educating their members of Congress about postal issues and about the importance of service standards.”

“Passing the amendment represented a real bipartisan effort in defense of the Postal Service – as it should be,” Dimondstein said. “The APWU will do everything in our power to make sure the amendment becomes law. With your help we can succeed.”

“We are very appreciative of the legislators who voted for the amendment and of the postal workers, customers, union officers and staff who encouraged them to ‘do the right thing,’” he added “If enacted, it will greatly improve customer service and strengthen the USPS.”

source: APWU

8 thoughts on “House Committee Adopts Amendment to Restore Postal Service Standards, Approves Budget Bill

  1. Too little too late. The USPS already sold the Northwest Boston Dist Ctr last April at a loss of over $50 million. The property was assessed at over $80 million. The geniuses sold it for $37 million with a 25 year lease for the Waltham Carrier Unit to remain.
    Now that the new owners have torn apart the rest of the building they want to renegotiate the Lease, they want us out within 5 years.
    Postal idiots

  2. Some people seem to be reading too much into this. The Bill is not stating that the facicilities that were closed due to consolidation are to be reopened(2012). But that performance standards are to be put back(the changes that took effect Jan 5 ,2015).

    • Bruce I, it would be impossible to go back to those standards WITHOUT providing the means for overnight delivery. In other words, local canceling and primary processing of raw mail. Sorry, it would be way too expensive in new equipment costs. Local mail NOW is trucked too far away, and then brought back, which results in delayed mail. We can’t even meet the relaxed standards currently in place.

  3. It’s pretty sad when Congress has to force management’s hand to do the right thing concerning customer service. If I had any clout at all I’d be demanding a full investigation into the way the USPS mishandles everything: labor relations, safety issues, misappropriation of funds, the very likely bribe set up that allows direct bulk mailers to get such cheap rates and costs the USPS to deliver those shoddy products, from marriage mail to other worthless crap. Some say it’s our paycheck – yes and no. If the USPS loses money on bulk rate, it isn’t helping payroll at all. Rather, it’s going into pockets of undeserving corrupt postal officials in high places. How else can you explain maintaining the low rates that again, cost the Service to deliver instead of profiting from?
    So screw the first class customer. This malfeasance could be dealt with if an honest impartial committee or organization other than the worthless OIG had the ability to investigate and file criminal charges against corrupt officials. Alas, this is Washington, D.C. where honesty, integrity and any concern for working class people goes to die.

  4. Sorry, most of the old processing junk was either destroyed or could never become active again!

  5. Another bill that will sit and never be voted on. What a waste of time and money. Even if it did by some chance the PMG would say it can’t be done because of all the closed units and people have retired. Oh and not to mention the cost. I think upper management should give back 10 % of their pay, and all bonuses to pay for this as none of them had the balls to challenge the old PMG on these closings and let it all happen. I know money could have been saved by some consolidation of services but not the way he did it.

  6. This bill,if it’s actually brought 2 a vote in the full U.S.House and U.S. Senate,stands a real chance of the passage. It gives up on any restoration,of overnight letter-sized and flats delivery,which was USPS policy before July 2012;within our cities and nearby suburbs. Such areas tend 2 vote Democratic;whIle more distant suburbs,exburbia and,America’s hinterlands tend 2 vote 4 Republicans. Such places , NEVER had overnight delivery. So,passage may benefit the Republican party controlled U.S. Congress,as they need all the votes,they could get in the November election. The Republicans,certainly want 2 keep control of both Houses.

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