Hundreds of pieces of mail found dumped in Mesquite TX gutter

11/16/17 MESQUITE, Texas (CBS11) – Residents in a southwest Mesquite neighborhood are furious after finding hundreds of pieces of mail in a gutter.

Brenda Tisdale was walking her dogs when she noticed a few clean, white pieces of paper in the drain.


“I was thinking, ‘that’s where all of our mail has gone,’” said Tisdale.

She said she found hundreds of sealed envelopes of undelivered mail teetering toward the sewer. There were stacks of new mail and some were still rubber-banded in groups.

“It would have went on down to the river,” said Tisdale. “Nobody would have ever known.”

source: CBS Dallas Fort Worth

5 thoughts on “Hundreds of pieces of mail found dumped in Mesquite TX gutter

  1. Well, the idiot who dumped the mail will be history. It’s not just aggravating and a black eye to the good carriers – it shows that some types, maybe regulars, maybe CCA’s, have no business in the USPS. Does the carrier here realize that there may be critical mail in that pile? Personally, I figure he or she just bluntly doesn’t give a shit. I certainly knew a few like that who again had no business being in the USPS.
    There are crooked craft, crooked management, and while I was a long time union officer for the NALC, there were times I wished the contract had been a bit more favorable toward making it possible to remove the worst of the worst – no shows, piss poor on the street, doing their routes at practically a crawl, misdelivering all over the place, etc. But I had to defend some real losers over the decades.
    The USPS cannot continue turning a blind eye to the ever increasing reports of criminal activity, abuse from management, a total disinterest in quality performance, and chronic deliberate understaffing. It works against craft and management.

    • Sure it can, the suits can turn a blind eye towards the demise. They get their bonuses, and their friends and family get a cush job and are part of the power structure and the circus continues with casuals and non-regular employees.

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