Issa Tries to Derail Six-Day Delivery – Again!

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, led by Chairman Issa, speaks with Rep. Cummings at Capitol Hill in WashingtonJuly 9, 2014 – Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, can’t seem to give up his quest to eliminate Saturday mail delivery.

On July 8, upset that the House Appropriations Committee restored protection for six-day delivery to a funding bill, the California Republican tried to employ a parliamentary maneuver to derail the measure.

In a message to House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (R-TX), Issa claimed jurisdiction over all issues related to the Postal Service, and asserted that the six-day delivery provision should be subject to a House Rule that prohibits “legislation” in general appropriations bills.

“Rep. Issa’s complaint would be comical if it wasn’t such a serious attack on the people’s Postal Service,” said Legislative and Political Director John Marcotte. “In addition to protecting six-day delivery, the appropriations bill reverses the District of Columbia’s laws on marijuana possession, dictates how its locally-generated tax monies can be used, and takes away health care choices for women in the district.

“No matter how you feel about these issues, the irony is that they all fall under the purview of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee. But Rep. Issa didn’t let out a whimper of protest against these examples of ‘legislating’ via the Appropriations Bill. The hypocrisy is stunning but not unusual for Mr. Issa,” Marcotte said.

“Mr. Issa is not satisfied with using his authority as chairman to damage the USPS by blocking quality postal reform,” he added. “He is now trying to use parliamentary tricks to overturn a bipartisan vote saving six-day delivery. The public pays little attention to the House Rules Committee, but Issa’s moves are critically important because he is leading the charge in the House to dismantle the Postal Service.”

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22 thoughts on “Issa Tries to Derail Six-Day Delivery – Again!

  1. Thank goodness for Mr. Issa!
    It’s good to have someone who’s willing to go up against the communist’s who keep trying to take the government and my rights away from me.

    I cant wait until the next election when we can elect more men and women of good principle and backbone who will rail against the leftist’s at every chance they get!

  2. Larry Ownbey-Assa is one of the wealthiest members of Congress worth more than $400 million and owns Viper Car Alarms,he is only in this to screw people over and not serving his constituents.

  3. I saw reference to Obama in some of the comments. those comments should be directed to Carl Marx, you know, his real name

  4. Can’t someone just put that idiot out of his and everyone else’s misery. put him in the unemployment line and see how he feels about that

  5. Issa the assa…You are a disgrace to the the institution,just go back to Cleveland and do what you do best,stealing cars,torching warehouses owned by your enemies and pointing guns at them.

  6. Suckas I don’t really care for Rep.Issa, but next to Rep.Cummings he looks like the lesser of two evils.

  7. Once again Issa is stirring the pot. Until congress
    steps forward in postal reform and removes Mr. Issa
    from the forefront of this position nothing will be
    accomplished. Six day delivery could be avoided by
    a strike of the pen. Eliminate the mandate strapped
    on the back of the postal service to pay 5.5 billion
    a year for future retiree health care and it goes away.
    Congress needs to act responsibly by not using postal
    funds as a dipping station for other projects. The
    common denominator for derailment of resolve continues
    to be Mr. Issa. A successor is paramount to pull us
    from this stagnant state that has unconscionably gone
    unresolved for this length of time. Postal workers
    and America deserve better from our representatives.

  8. With this being issas last year as chairman, he’s desperate to sink the USPS. Too bad he doesn’t go after other organizations like he does the USPS….he might actually see some results from his wasted hearings.

  9. Congressman Issa should come back to Cleveland. He had lots of fun with the police. All his action occurred before he became a congressman. America was safer when Issa just drove around the streets of Cleveland, away from congress!

  10. this is getting more comical by the day…..everybody has something bad to say about each other and nothing happens….. absolutely nothing…… around and around we go…… stay tuned for the next soap opera chapter

  11. With his criminal record, why isn’t this clown in prison ?

    Oops, silly me.

    Those type of rules only apply to us citizens.


  12. Hog tied them all, into the slop they go with all the other piggies.

    Grab that Dhoe of a PMG too! Fresh bacon.

    No left or right in Framer John Land.

  13. why does issa have such a hard on for the usps? i guess him and his “special friend” donahoe are in bed together.

  14. postal unions my have backed Hillary only for a minute, we backed Obama when he won the nomination in 2008 and we backed him for his reelection look it up, Obama has been misled about the post office he is coming around, besides I delivery in a crime area in the inner city and if they get their mail mon-fri, no one will miss Saturday, CCA’s can delivery all parcels sat and sun. issa sleeps with lucifers children

  15. The NALC did end up endorsing Obama but only after Hillary Clinton lost in the primaries. What ax Issa has to grind against the USPS is a puzzler. I think he has some grand scheme in mind that he believes will make him and a select bunch of buddies very rich if they can force the Postal Service into private hands. One of those buddies is Pat Donohoe, the Postmaster General himself. Issa is already the richest Congressman in D.C. and outside of his district in California is one of the most unpopular assholes in Washington. But then again these tyrants didn’t go there to be loved. It was, is, and will always be about power and money, intoxicants that can’t be quenched for people like him.
    Donohoe is also looking for a big bag of cash for his role pushing Issa’s agenda and because his goals are so anti-postal in terms of keeping solvent, he should be removed immediately. It would take a very dim bulb not to see what he’s trying to do, or somebody who wants the same fate for the USPS. Like our foreign policy of invading anybody for little or no cause to letting veterans die waiting to see a VA doctor to the NSA having files on thousands of people who are no threat to the security of the U.S., Washington and all its players are a bunch of crooked fuck ups. There is no difference between parties anymore and those of us who side one way or the other are playing right into their slimy paws. Vote the incumbents, including your own, out this fall.


  17. Obama has called for five day in his budget, accept it. Obama hates Postal unions for backing Hillary.

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