Issa’s portrait to be replaced with photos of postal workers

Issa's portrait to be replaced with photos of postal workers1.15.2015 HERSHEY, Pa. — House committee rooms are typically adorned with portraits of former chairmen. But former Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa’s portrait will be stashed away in a conference room, away from public view.

In an interview at the annual Republican legislative retreat, incoming House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz of Utah said he wants to be “inspired by the people we serve, not former committee chairmen.” He said he and the committee’s top Democrat, Elijah Cummings of Maryland, chose photos of postal workers and other everyday Americans.

Issa's portrait to be replaced with photos of postal workers

Jason Chaffetz

In addition to removing the Issa’s watchful eyes from the committee room, Chaffetz also replaced about 60% of the 60 employees who worked for Issa, according to a committee spokeswoman who described that sort of turnover as not uncommon. source: CNN

7 thoughts on “Issa’s portrait to be replaced with photos of postal workers

  1. lets see now……President Obonghit kept PMG Donehoe on the job the last 6 years while he fired VA head administrator and military generals……….guess obammy’s silence was his consent to having pmg screw you. moving along, talk about low scum read story in the NY City newspaper the NY Post about Sen Diane Feinstein and husband Richard Blum getting another no bid postal real estate deal. the old demonrat hag is worth $70 million (1%er) and hubby is worth over $1 Billion (.00001%er) how do you get $70 million on a 146K yearly senate salary……..Issa should investigate two sweet! can not trust fellow demonKKKat Chaffetz to have moral courage.

    • The Repubs are also using their office to line their pockets,which is why you won’t hear a peep from Mitch McConnell about this.

  2. I like it so far. Like Donahoe, you can’t sink much lower with a scumbag car thief like Issa. Let’s hope we hear some good news for a change, like Donahoe facing criminal indictments for the security breach and refusing to act.

  3. Its a good start Chairman Chaffetz. Now I hope you can undo all the damage Issa and Donahoe have done to destroy the Postal Service.

  4. If Chaffetz wants to be inspired by the people he’s supposed to serve, he’s a huge step up from Issa. That guy is inspired by his daddy’s money and the money that can continue to line his pockets from special interest groups. Issa for some reason has an axe to grind with anyone who works for a living, and why he keeps getting elected in California is beyond me. California must have no middle class, because any middle class worker with half a brain would never vote for him. Good riddance to Issa from his former post; unfortunately I’m sure in his new job he’ll keep trying to screw the workers of America.

    • Don’t blame the voters of California, who he knows would never vote this egomaniacal turd into the soon to be vacant Senate seat. Blame goes to the retards in his San Diego County district who don’t hold their representatives to high standards and who keep re-electing this shady character who used mafioso style tactics to get control of his car alarm company from the original majority owner.

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