Issues arise in Richmond VA area as USPS faces rapidly changing mail arena

5/27/17 Mail deliveries made at night and at different times of the day. Mail not delivered at all in some instances. Mail tampered with. Mis-delivered mail. Spotty service.

Richmond-area residents have a lot to say about their mail service. For all of the complaints, many people say they have no problems.


Some wonder if the Postal Service has taken on too much now that it is has reduced expenses to cut chronic losses, while working in tandem with to deliver goods ordered online.

“The mail carriers must be overwhelmed,” said Karen Bowles, who lives in Richmond’s Fan District. “Just a couple of weeks ago, I saw a USPS truck in my neighborhood at 11 p.m. on a Friday night. The carrier was just getting out of the truck with a handful of mail. And now we see them delivering packages on Sunday.”

11 thoughts on “Issues arise in Richmond VA area as USPS faces rapidly changing mail arena

  1. How are those new delivery standards working and who
    came up with the idea to change them? Time to fire
    these incompetent thugs, toolbags and morons. Muffen
    Meghen and the rest of our “leaders” have done nothing
    but promote themselves at the cost of ruining a great
    service. These jokers have to go.

  2. Yo.DUDE……you need a fact checker ..fake news …you don’t know anyone in picture or anything about equipment usage…later DUDE

  3. that’s two OSHA violations right there in the pic. two guys riding on an electric pallet jacks that are made for walking. the guy on the tricycle is on light duty. he can’t lift anything. he is only allowed to pedal around between the locker room and the smoking area and bothering other people while making left turns in busy aisles in front of oncoming forklifts.

  4. Richmond is under a lot of stress right now, with employees having their pay tampered with, overtime stolen back into the system, and some management and supervisors in the local area getting sacked and probably being used as pigeons by the District and Area levels that run Richmond.
    The management staff removed is fighting in court to get their jobs back and management at higher levels who ordered the theft of wages are furious and frightened that eventually charges may be filed against them, or even higher ups might make THEM scapegoats.
    Other than that, the issues of super late deliveries, lots of mistakes, etc. is epidemic across the country unless you are lucky enough to have a carrier who has been at it a long time and has been your carrier for years. I was one of those before retirement, and refused to allow myself into being rushed or bullied to make times determined by a computer program that “predicted” how long it would take to do every facet of your job, right down to how long you should be allowed to use the bathroom (five minutes – too bad if you were sick). I still had a 1000 stop route and did my best to know the names of everybody although in some apartment/duplex neighborhoods that was a near impossible task.
    Now new carriers are not taught accuracy at all. They are told to run, carry more mail on top of the route they are doing, work Sundays delivering for the oh-so-precious Amazon, and other indignities that don’t do much for creating customer loyalty, including half the pay the regular carriers who were at the top of the pay scale received.
    Still, we as the customers do have a right to expect our mail to be delivered at a reasonable time, EVERY DAY AS PROMISED, and to get the right mail. Now, that means you need to help. Put your name on your box and replace your house or apt. number if it’s missing. Turn in change of addresses when you move. It is not the carrier’s fault for delivering the previous occupant’s mail to you if that customer moves without leaving a change of address and/or you move in without turning one in, either. They don’t keep lists of every customer’s name on any given day, only those who are considerate enough to leave COA’s. I used to get furious when some idiot would complain about getting the former resident’s mail in this situation and I had no way to know new people were there. I would ask them if they turned in a change of address, and if they didn’t, I’d give them the kit. If they refused to cooperate after that, then I didn’t want to hear it.
    Another way to help the situation is to do what you’re doing, and reporting piss poor service to the media, legislators and the USPS itself. They will only respond under pressure and/or embarrassment. Trust me on that one.
    I guess I shouldn’t care anymore now that I’m retired, but I put in a long hard career and I want to see it survive for my friends who still have a long way to go before retiring, and have to fight that damn Trump and GOP to keep their retirement packages and health care.

  5. Among other things: try ending the continued public statements about “the decline of first class mail” and replace them with statements of how it can still be a viable safe and secure alternative to online bill pay. If people get hosed on being hacked, they just might be interested in these features/benefits. Rather than touting a negative future (aka self-fulfilling prophesy of a downtrend) we may be able to impact the trends to help our outlook if we change our public rhetoric…Just sayin’…

  6. The time has come for this fake fraudulent union called the NALC to be disbanded. This is no longer a progressive union. This is a union that is going to keep going backwards and the working conditions are going to continue to get worse for carrier. Bill Young and Fred Rolando have nothing to pat themselves on the back!

  7. life is a bitch when postal mismanagement can no longer steal letter carrier’s over time! jail them all. fill up those FEMA Camps.

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