Jacksonville USPS Distribution Center to Replace Mail Handling System

Contractors may begin submitting technical proposals

Jacksonville, Florida, Jan. 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — At the end of a busy holiday season, The US Postal Service Jacksonville Distribution Center is looking to replace some old hydraulic equipment for their bulk mail handling operations. The agency issued a solicitation today to procure services from an 8(a) contractor. Eligible entities must submit all required materials by February 5, 2018.


The Postal Service is looking to replace sixteen integrated mail handling systems at their Jacksonville National Distribution Center loading docks. The contractor who wins the bid is responsible for supply and installation of the machines. If sub-contracting any part of this job, standard postal service forms must be completed. All forms to submit the technical proposal are available on the agency’s website.

For more information about the opportunity businesses may contact contracting officers Whitney Lee at whitney.lee@usps.gov or Dan Schonthaler at dan.g.schonthaler@usps.gov. The complete solicitation can be found on the federal business opportunities’ website, FBO.gov.

The postal service will award a contract to the offeror who submits the best value bid that meets all requirements. However, in addition to the price, non-pricing factors such as past performance, capability and 8(a) certification will also be considered. Companies must also be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM).

US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR), the world’s largest third-party government registration firm, assists companies who would like to submit bids to the government. USFCR’s expert case managers register companies on their behalf in the SAM.  USFCR also offers a unique Simplified Acquisition Program which will set-up a business with a government-formatted website, contract support and bid training from experienced acquisition specialists.

If you would like more information please contact David Rockwell at (877) 252-2700 ext.750 or by email at drockwell@usfcrgov.com.

USPS Material Handling Engineering (MHE), has been tasked with replacing the existing Integrated Mail Handling System (IMHS) Hydraulic Container Unloaders (HCU) in Jacksonville (JAX) National Distribution Center (NDC). These unloaders are located in front of the docks. Trucks are parked at the docks and the mail from various containers is unloaded. The unloader style used in the original design was such as to match the pivoting point of an unloader with the height of the unloading conveyor. Postal Service is looking to replace 16 unloaders.


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