Jacqueline Krage Strako named Acting USPS Chief Customer and Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President

Statement from Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan:

jacqueline-krage-strakoI am pleased to announce that Jacqueline (Jakki) Krage Strako will be detailed to the position of Chief Customer and Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, effective February 3.

In her current role as Vice President, Area Operations, Great Lakes Area, Jakki oversees a workforce of more than 61,000 employees, and is responsible for all aspects of operations, marketing, and customer engagement across five states in the Great Lakes Area.

In her new assignment, Jakki will be responsible for developing and executing strategies that align with customers so that we can more effectively meet their needs in an increasingly digital and rapidly evolving marketplace. She will drive our product development and marketing, industry engagement, as well as sales and customer care.

Jakki’s 28-year postal career has spanned operations, finance, budget, and industrial engineering. Throughout her career she has been a passionate advocate for the customer, and an effective leader, strategist, and problem solver. She brings a deep understanding of the organization, our customers, and the marketplace to this important role. She has been instrumental in managing and strengthening relationships with many of our largest customers and business partners, and in delivering excellent results for our organization.

Jakki holds an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering from the University of Iowa, a master’s degree in business administration from De Paul University, and graduate diplomas in financial management, and strategy and organization, from Stanford University, as part of the Sloan fellowship program.

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9 thoughts on “Jacqueline Krage Strako named Acting USPS Chief Customer and Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President

  1. How the hell did she have time to get these degrees while in management? we all know the management hacks puff up their educational backgrounds in their resumes.

  2. She is a good leader. Shame to see her leave Great Lakes Area. Maybe she’ll make a difference and keep the USPS competitive. Give her a chance to clean up Cochran’s crap.

  3. what no Harvard MBA? I thought only the best for the US Postal Circus!

  4. Maybe she can figure out why a Christmas card mailed
    in Boston Mass on 12/23/17 was delivered to Londonderry
    NH 27 days later. Hope you like muffins.

  5. Glad Kristen Seaver didn’t get the job for she’s incompetent.

    This other chick is light-years ahead of Kristen.

  6. *Another* clown that has never had a job actually moving or delivering the mail promoted to a top mgmt. position.
    Wonder who’s relative, etc. she is, as that is how all eas hiring is done.

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