Lawmakers call for federal probe of time card fraud by USPS managers in Boston

1/24/2018 BOSTON — A time card scandal at the troubled U.S. Postal Service now involves more than a dozen post offices around Boston, 25 Investigates has learned.

Investigative Reporter Eric Rasmussen found the new accusations about time card cheating came from two Massachusetts congressmen and involve a dozen postal facilities in the Greater Boston area.


U.S. representatives Michael Capuano and Stephen Lynch say nearly 100 post office managers are suspected of cheating employees out of overtime pay, according to a letter dated Nov. 30 they sent to the USPS Inspector General.

It’s unclear why Boston managers would doctor postal workers’ time cards, but a similar scandal surfaced in 2016 at USPS facilities in Richmond, Virginia.

In the Richmond case, postal managers got bonuses in exchange for keeping overtime costs down, according to a pending federal lawsuit.

Source: 25 Investigates: Lawmakers call for federal probe of postal time card fraud | Boston 25 News

Fallout from deleting postal workers overtime clock ring continues with federal lawsuit

Nearly 300 in Richmond VA join lawsuit against USPS avoiding payment of overtime

29 thoughts on “Lawmakers call for federal probe of time card fraud by USPS managers in Boston

  1. its worse then anyone knows in the Boston district especially at the IMC which houses 6 cities hundreds of employees effected for thousands of hours and tens of thousand manipulations by over a 100 supervisors managers and even now postmasters since 2009 . TACS records union stewards acquired through information requests ,grievances and involving the USPS labor department . lots of bashing of our union leaders all I can say that our leadership in Boston has been strong unified and seeking equal justice to the fullest extent of the federal law and lets not sugar coat this what is going on in Boston is a “CRIME” not a grievance..

  2. you can just picture Brennen, Rolando, and Diamondstein sitting around together plotting how they are going to screw the postal worker. all three should be in Leavenworth breaking rock for road bed gravel.

  3. Criminal is as Criminal does! fire that Obammy holdover Muffin IOD Brennen because you can President Trump!

  4. This is a chance for craft employees to expose the theft of managers cheating employees. Write a letter requesting an investigation. have craft employees sign and send it to your congressman. If a lot of you do this they will finally be exposed.

  5. I’ve seen f’ups like this for over 30 years. Old-timers like me have witnessed this over and over. “You got caught by one of the unions. Here’s a pat on the back and a promotion.”

  6. Every time management gets caught doing anything wrong they are severely disciplined, they are promoted to higher level. They must put up with a bigger pay check! In the 90’s the Postal service ran the drug sting operations nation wide to stop drug dealing. Many Postal employees were arrested and lost everything in the operations. One Postal Inspector in Tampa refused to go along, he said the plan was wrong. The operation included a “dollars for collars” reward system for the inspectors. Very nice article written about the sting operation in the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the August 1995 National Law Journal. The Postal service has always protected the higher ups. Management should be held up to the same standards as the low life slaves.

  7. Where the HELL are the various postal-workers “UNIONS”? Our,nation lead by our national government,grows evermore collectively Retarded. Go get a 10 to 30-percent effective Flu-shot,you morons!!

  8. Where the HELL are the various postal-workers “UNIONS”? Our,nation lead by our national government,grows evermore collectively Retarded. Go get a 10 to 30-percent CDC recommended Flu-shot,imbeciles!!

  9. oh poor babies…….called out po mismanagement & union for the crooks they are…..and you delete my post. truth has a certain ring to it! your all part of the same swamp!

  10. I know for a fact that they did it in Ipswich, MA. I’m sure it was done nationwide. How sad. Put that on top of all the cruel and abusive treatment you get from management. Down right sucks. I’m glad I’m out!!

  11. notice it is an investigation from the lawmakers and not the crummy postal unions……..APWU and NALC are just company unions running cover for these po mismanaging bureaucrat criminals. they also steal from you to by taking union dues money every 2 weeks and not providing any real representation. its all smoke and mirrors and shadows on the wall from these gang of thieves on both sides of the aisle. bust them all up with a FBI RICO investigation.

  12. they are criminals operating across State lines so the FBI should be called in……..arrest PMG IOD Muffin Meghen Brennen and take her out in shackles and do a RICO on her and all the other postal bureaucrat felons she commands. Postal Inspection and Postal OIG included!

  13. These managers that blatantly steal overtime from employees for their own bonuses are proof what louses exist in EAS positions throughout the country. Since these managers receive bonuses for reducing overtime, do you think they could learn to manage better at reducing it ? Nope, they would rather steal it from employees checks, then to earn it themselves by actually managing. IF they do this, what wont they do ? Craft has been grieving this for years, its not like no one knew.

  14. It’s happened to me once in 34 years, in the Boston district mind you. It was fixed in the next check, in fact I lost 1.5 hours and was paid for 2. What I don’t understand is this: why are you working one unit of OT once this happens and is not immediately resolved?

    I left the carrier craft over 20 years ago, probably has something to do with my experience. I am saddened to see what has happened to the once great NALC. Because, in the end, this is a union solidarity problem. It’s time to lawyer up against union and management.

    I ask again: why are you working the hours if you’re not getting paid?

  15. This has been going on for ages!!! I remember keeping a record of all my time I worked because my manager was always trying to cheat me out of the overtime!!

  16. The postal inspection service or OIG lmao? The Inspection service is a corrupt criminal enterprise that needs to be disbanded. They cover up for management and deliberately work and lie against craft employees. This happened because inspection service worked with management to cover up the time cards and other abuses going on. Disband the postal inspection service send the work to the FBI, Customs and create a private dept. loss and prevention. Since the postal inspection service is so biased against the workers and cover up management crookedness that means they should be disbanded.

    • You are right. The Inspection Service are hired by the postal service and they aren’t about to bite the hand that feeds them unless it’s a single person doing something illegal like the reports we read from supervisors and managers who are stealing parcels and fencing them and dealing drugs through the system.
      I have long advocated, even though it’s a waste of time, that there needs to be a separate agency that focuses solely on postal crime. In order for it to work they’d have to be totally independent of the USPS, have the ability to arrest lawbreakers and be honest enough not to accept bribes and favors from management who are in hot water, or just as protection before any investigation ever happens.
      That’s a tall order because no business, government agency and most large charities is totally honest, either. I do want to exclude St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald houses, the ASPCA and Humane Society from this charge. And there are many more good people doing good things I’m just not aware of, or there’s just not enough space here to name them all. The American Cancer Society has a pristine record too, as far as I know.
      But would an agency designed to make postal management obey the law work? It’s worth a try, as far as I’m concerned.
      The USPS will fight in court to defend their inexcusable actions, shuffle lower tier supervisors and managers around or can them as pigeons to protect the inner core of management. We had some incidents in my little office of a PM doctoring time card data, and that ended up being part of a larger lawsuit where such theft was rampant in the mid south and Texas and Oklahoma. Brennan I am positive knows all about what’s going on in Boston and was very likely to be one of the instigators of what went on in Richmond, VA., as well.
      If the unions had any balls, they would be lambasting this embezzlement scam all over the media. As of now, they and my union, the NALC, are remaining silent. I guarantee in the days of Vince Sombrotto or Bill Young, if this had happened they would have been demanding that heads must roll. But there seems to be no interest in the NALC Headquarters in getting their hands dirty.

  17. This is most likely happening nationwide, not only in Virginia and Boston. The Postal managers and supervisors are worried about their stupid little bonuses at the expense of hard working employees and and delaying the mail.

  18. This went on @ suncoast district also . A finance manager told local T.V. station what went on . The reason he retired . This is a nationwide abuse . We need someone to class action this .

  19. Its about time they caught up to these immoral, unethical,
    lying cheating toolbags that call themselves stupidvisors,
    unmanagers, and pissmasters. Anything to insure that they
    get their bonuses. Just the tip of the iceberg. How about
    scanning before delivery. How about hiding mail. How about
    changing color codes. How about false statements and lies
    in order to discipline employees. There is a picture on the
    walls of the Boston GMF of a manager who is not allowed
    in the building because he was caught red handed changing
    times and taking overtime away from employees. Fire them all

    • go into work and call the local police department from the post office you work at and file a theft report……get a lawyer or do it on the cheap and take them to small claims court. go to the local TV station and show them a copy of the police theft report. they are criminals….treat them as such.

  20. I put in a transfer from Arkansas to Illinois in Movember of 2017. I was approved by both postmaster. I started working November 25th 2017. From that date I have worked every day (except the Christmas, New Years, and illness). My first check was shorted: 85 OT/ 28 ST, second check was shorted: 41 OT (carryover) / 28 hours ST. Third check was $0. (1/12/2018) The Post office owes me $3673.76. I inquired on my pay check shortages many times with management, their response was “I will look into it” today is 1/27 and I have no adjustment checks. On 1/13/2018 I stop showing up, because I can’t keep working for free as we all have bills we have to pay to survive. I get text message from supervisor stating : “ I assume you are not coming in, I will need you to turn in your badge.” I did not respond that as, she knows I lost my badge back in Arkansas and it have not been replaced since then. I would scan the supervisors badge each day into the scanner. All they would say is “we need to get you a badge”. With me last check the post office owes me : $4,900 before taxes. I have worked for the post office since January of 2017 (1 yr). This is the first time in my adult life I have went unpaid for my services. I should have stopped working when my first check was shorted. But I assumed positive intent. But this last check being zero is absurd. How do I speed up the pay adjustment process?

    • You should have filed a grievance not just not show up. Now it will be your word against theirs for paying.

  21. The lawmakers have their answer: just like in Richmond, VA., the Boston Area was probably doing the same thing – paying bonuses for supervisors and management to commit time card fraud. It is especially alarming to learn almost a hundred managers are in on this theft of wages from employees.
    It isn’t alarming that the higher ups in District and/or Area are behind this latest illegal activity, as most of the higher impact criminal wrongdoing or charges of such come from those removed from workroom floors and offices where they do not have to interact with the public or the employees they order their subordinates to harass, abuse, unfairly discipline and steal from.
    When postal employees and fair minded supervisors and managers who have to remain anonymous tell tales of this kind of criminal activity, they are not making anything up. It’s the world of upper level management who continually lie, steal, and commit other heinous acts in far higher percentages than those lower in rank.
    I hope these Massachusetts lawmakers lower the boom on these thieves, and I encourage them to demand a full federal nationwide investigation into the corruption that’s only getting worse with time.
    I furthermore charge PMG Brennan with full knowledge and complicity in these acts of employee theft. I refuse to believe that in nearby Richmond with all the national attention surrounding that situation, not to mention the federal lawsuits, and now the investigation in Boston heating up, she is not totally aware of what’s going on, and if it can be proven she has had full knowledge of this kind of activity and neglected or refused to do anything about it, that she be immediately removed, and be the subject of a criminal investigation of her own. Corruption on this scale must end NOW.

    • As long as Congress oversight committee refuses to provide real oversight and fires PMG Megan Brennan and David Williams it will still go on.The PFP program should be suspended.

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