Legal Case: Another Postal Worker pregnancy discrimination case

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Legal Case: Another Postal Worker pregnancy discrimination caseHere is another pregnancy discrimination case regarding a PSE Permanently Separated on her 360th Day due to pregnancy and the complications thereof.  Plaintiff had a child on January 7, 2012 and the child had severe heart complications, and she was required to take time off work to care for her child.  

On August 3, 2012, Supervisor David Downs informed plaintiff that she would not be reappointed as a PSE, and the separation was phrased as an administrative action that was not grievable under the CBA. 

One of the questions her attorney had was “whether David Downs was demoted from Supervisor to another position and the circumstances surrounding his demotion.”  The answer appears to be yes.  Available records show that he was a Level 17 Supervisor Distribution Operations for several years until 2015, when he dropped to a Level 4 Mail Handler.

Update: FMLA Claim Postal Worker’s 4th Pregnancy was too much for Norwalk Ohio Post Office

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  1. Been thur it also. I’m a 70% disabledveteran that has filed 3 EEOC and a law suit and never once the post office was found of discrimination. So I had no choice but to file disability because of all the lies management told.

  2. Use them and abuse them. Hope the thugs get sued up the shazammy.
    They eat their own the immoral and unethical tools

  3. Same old thing

    I work for the post office for 35 years, and was witness to harassment, and constantly reprisals against my fellow coworkers that’s just broke my heart.

    Hope this young lady gets her day in court.

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