Local 300 wins $2 Million Settlement for Mail Handlers in Manhattan

On January 30, 2013, Local 300 successfully negotiated a Pre-Arbitration settlement for numerous class action grievances pending Arbitration. Local President Paul Hogrogian and NYC Branch President Wilfredo Delgado negotiated the settlement.


As a result of the settlement all career Mail Handlers in Manhattan currently on the rolls on January 30, 2013 will each receive a lump sum payment of $2000. This settlement includes all Regular, Part-Time Regular and Part-Time Flexible schedule Mail Handlers.


All PTFS Mail Handlers in Manhattan will be converted to Regular Mail Handlers as soon as administratively possible.


In addition, all Mail Handlers in Manhattan who retired during calendar years 2012, and 2013, up to January 30, 2013, will be paid $1000.


The Postal Service will process the payments as soon as administratively possible after review and confirmation of all names (specific time frames will be announced).


We wish to thank Local President Hogrogian, and our Stewards who continue to file the necessary grievances to protect our jobs. We also thank our members for their active support and involvement in the fight to protect Mail Handler positions.


We will continue to move our Union forward.