Mail carrier brings hope to woman after cancer diagnosis

9/14/2017 MINNEAPOLIS (KMSP) – Breast cancer is a cruel, and in many cases chronic disease.

Yet it’s the illness that has brings one south Minneapolis community closer together.

Michele Slack and Laura Stegenga are both 47 years old.

cancer woman

Slack is a 13-year USPS letter carrier. Stegenga is a Linden Hills wife and mother of two.

Aside a shared age and gender, they share a plight in common. They’ve both been handed stage four breast cancer diagnoses.

Source: Mail carrier brings hope to woman after cancer diagnosis – Story | KMSP

One thought on “Mail carrier brings hope to woman after cancer diagnosis

  1. Well, this is welcome news for a change! After many readers, I’m sure, who were horrified by the story of the manager in a Colorado post office faking cancer so she could use all her sick leave, which wouldn’t have been possible without higher ups going along with the ruse, were wondering if there were any good postal workers left, now we know there are.
    I deplore the way news works any more. So dependent on tragedy, corruption, and negative news that they seldom if ever pursue the good things that people do, the media helps create an image of a country that is just no damn good any more. I agree serious news needs coverage, but when we see horrifying stories like the school or nightclub mass murders, the media milks those events for all they’re worth in search of ad and ratings revenue long after the story should have been put to rest.
    Our office (my former office now that I’m retired) took care of our people in bad times, and there have been some very serious events healthwise and personal that we tried to help with without thought of awards or media attention. It was simply the right thing to do.
    So I congratulate Michele Slack for being a good egg and making city letter carriers past and present proud. I wish her and Ms. Stengenga speedy complete recoveries, and I also encourage Postal Reporter to do more positive stories in a time when our society needs to have some good news.

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