Mail Carrier Caught on Camera Cursing, Throwing Package Banned From Interacting With Public


The U.S. Postal Service is taking action after an aggressive incident with a Massachusetts mail carrier.

The family turned to the NBC Boston Investigators for help – and got it.


The Littleton mail carrier has been barred from interacting with the public, at least for now.

It all stems from an incident back in May.

Source: Mail Carrier Caught on Camera Cursing, Throwing Package Banned From Interacting With Public | NBC Boston

13 thoughts on “Mail Carrier Caught on Camera Cursing, Throwing Package Banned From Interacting With Public

  1. Why not help the guy with an anger management session? Let’s remember that he was by himself when he was cursing. I get the package throwing can be considered aggressive, but I guarantee you the packages were thrown the same way when the clerks in the office sorted them.

  2. Hmmm – either a CCA or RCA. Without a uniform it’s got to be a relatively new employee anyway. CCA’s in my experience who were employed after three months would get uniform allowances or other carriers who had the same size clothing would donate some of their uniforms, jackets, or other items to help out.
    I retired back in January, but I see as many carriers in my home city out of uniform as I do with, and either that’s a from a big hiring glut, which resulted in this town’s having a count and inspection because routes were so overburdened carriers were out at 10:00 PM and later on a regular basis with unbelievably maladjusted routes. My part of the country is a boom metro area and because the cost of living in a couple nice cities and one dog where I did my 32+ years is lower than much of the country and there are lots of jobs, people flock here by the thousands and urban sprawl is starting to ruin the nearby countryside just like it does in other areas that experienced this kind of growth at one time or another.
    This means of course the USPS should have been much more concerned about overtime and understaffing, but in typical fashion they only seem to think that more management is the answer to everything. Bullying and pressure this time just didn’t work and public outcry finally forced their hands. After the adjustment, the city gained five new full time routes and I would hope another carrier technician slot, although I wouldn’t be surprised if management did all they could to stop that position from being filled.
    So this means we have lots of newbies out there and so many in today’s workforce seem to think the world owes them for doing nothing. I saw many come and go because they simply thought it was beneath them to have to actually work for their salaries. They were fast, but very sloppy and unreliable. They often ignored vacation holds, change of addresses, stuffed boxes at vacant houses or apartments that were marked as such because they were in too big of a hurry to finish and carry at least half of another route. Either that or in some instances I saw, they just wanted to go as fast as possible and leave early.
    A couple new regulars in my old office were just refusing to listen to experienced carriers, literally ran their routes without trying to learn customers’ names, orders, etc., and carried like CCA’s. Then they complained because management made them carry swings every day because of the undertime or in at least one case, used up so much incidental leave they had no annual leave left.
    It goes without saying they were not very polite to customers, either. Now, I can’t honestly claim I never had a harsh word because to be fair, there were always a handful of very mean assholes on every route and were always looking for trouble. It wasn’t hard to deal with them because every carrier knew about them, and management knew these customers were usually full of shit.
    This carrier exemplifies everything unprofessional about his job – throwing packages in this day and age where cameras are everywhere is just plain stupid, and carriers have been warned about them over and over. If this jerk doesn’t want to be professional, then he needs to get the hell out. I’m surprised he wasn’t fired – maybe he’s got relatives in management who will protect him no matter how bad he is – I’ve seen that happen and one particularly rude and childish city carrier who had connections up the ass is a station manager now. Go figure.

  3. United Parcel Service , Federal Express, and now Amazon and Wal-Mart going into the delivery business………….whom does the bell toll, it tolls for thee. US Postal Circus is dying on the vine. they did it to themselves with their corrupt ways.

  4. There is no direct correlation between the package delivery and comment’s that are made in a individual alone environment .
    Hey, we all let off steam when we think we are alone, and not being aware of systems that pick up our vocal activity.
    I was horrified to know that the vocals were picked up on this poor mailman individual. The package toss was in my experience “normal”.
    To monitor this mailman’s every move, voice activity of this employed person is a outrage to the working people of America.
    I think if we were to go to peoples places of work of homeowners and monitor their voice vocals, and their work productivity and make conclusions on them for a specific amount of time in a day, they would be outraged.
    This is just a cultivated brain path by the homeowner that wants control of everything, territorially, in her structured consciousness including control of the mailman. Forcing a behavior change on the mailman to a eggshell walk in their yard.
    In my opinion this mailman issue is preposterous.

  5. related to a postal bureaucrat…..they will just hide him till the coast is clear and give him a beer cooler for his truck. now he will be the merry mailman!

  6. Where was his uniform ..clearly his management must not takes things very seriously that’s why things never improved

  7. Nope. We will make him a manager with bankers hours, huge raise, weekends off and flexible hours!!

  8. Besides the U.S. Postal Service having Rules and Regulations, What Happened to the Merry Mailman ? If he doesn’t like his job, then he should Resign, there are plenty of people that would love to have that job !

    • Obviously you are not using logical thinking of a mailman’s life.
      Obviously you don’t work for the usps.
      The mailman’s job is far from rewarding, it’s just repetitive motion mostly of a high intelligent workforce.

  9. We’re gonna give him another route, move him around just like we dealt with problem supervisors.

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