Mail carrier, gun-toting carjacker battle over stolen postal van in Fresno California

9/15/2017 A gun-toting gang member carjacked a U.S. Postal Service van Friday morning, but the fleet-footed mail carrier managed to chase down the van and foil the theft in southeast Fresno.

The mailman was delivering mail on Maple Avenue between Huntington Boulevard and Kings Canyon Road at about 11 a.m. when he felt someone jump onto the bumper of the van.


A compact semi-automatic handgun and clip were recovered at the scene of a postal van carjacking on Friday.

The suspect, identified by police as James Gay, a 35-year-old Sanger Bulldog gang member, came into the van through the driver’s side door, pulled the carrier from the driver’s seat and threw him to the ground. Fresno Police Lt. Stephen Viveros said that as Gay started to drive away, the carrier caught up to the van and was able to shift the transmission into park and remove the ignition key.

9 thoughts on “Mail carrier, gun-toting carjacker battle over stolen postal van in Fresno California

  1. gang bangers are just stupid useful idiots for the Democrat Party……a smart person would have gone after a UPS or FDX truck.

  2. Gang Banger was Antifas union official demonstrating how to resist. Won’t be charged with a felony…not in Cali. Probably misdemeanor possession of vehicle without permission. Will be sentenced to edge Jerry Moonbeam Brown’s front lawn or some leftist BS like that.

  3. OK. So saving the mail was worth risking his life??? WTF dude! He’s lucky to be alive. All he had to do was let the guy go and call the police. Now he’s surely going to be disciplines, possibly even terminated.

  4. Brave carrier to be sure, but that was a risk I’d not be willing to take for nothing more than mail. Of course some people DON’T LIKE gang banging skank or any worthless criminal screwing around with them, and it’s pretty clear this carrier wasn’t about to let himself be victimized without a fight.
    I have seen programs on television about gangs in the U.S. and they specifically mention Fresno’s Bulldogs as one of the meanest anywhere. This moron was so stupid he didn’t even think about the fact that robbing a mail vehicle is not going to make them rich, as the vast majority of money exchanging hands is done through banks electronically or by armored vehicle for businesses. The combination of gang mentality and severe stupidity makes for very dangerous criminals.
    It would not be any stretch, nor would I think stereotypical to presume this jackass like other gang bangers was some kind of drug junkie – meth, crack, heroin, whatever. Especially with meth, the users get so desperate to feed their addictions they do not hesitate to commit crimes to feed their habits, and it’s entirely possible this idiot was so fucked up he couldn’t even figure out he wouldn’t get anywhere robbing a mail truck.
    But despite the carrier’s bravery, I would advise nobody try to do what he did. People like the robber are stupid enough to pull anything and when they’re on some other planet mentally it is not possible to exercise common sense or weigh the risks of their actions. Jail is just part of a sad life to them and it’s full of their friends and other bangers. Prison isn’t a deterrent to anybody except decent folks who wouldn’t break laws any way, so criminals are fearless. What jail and prison does do is make the cities and communities safer without these pieces of shit, and I hope this guy gets to spend some time in a federal prison for using a gun and attacking a government employee. It’s what he deserves.

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