Mail Carrier suffers stroke on route, gets quick medical help due to GPS in truck

Eddie Anderson wears many hats. Those of husband, father, brother and uncle happen to be his favorites but perhaps best known to the Lawton community is that of the diligent, humming mailman.

It wasn’t too long ago when Anderson was the one who needed to be reached out to. Along his delivery route last May 11 he suffered a stroke.

“I just sat down in my truck and lost all of my right side,” he said. “I couldn’t speak. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I finally got a hold of my wife on the phone and all I could do was cry.

Thanks to the GPS unit installed in Anderson’s carrier truck, he was found quickly by medical professionals and managed to survive the incident. Knowledgeable doctors, solid insurance and physical therapy appointments were appreciated, but it was the love of family and friends that pulled Anderson through.

“When this happened, I mean the people that I serve were sending cards and flowers,” he said. “I was getting two or three phone calls a day. It was that closeness that meant so much to me.”

Anderson attests he never lost mental capacity during his stroke, which puzzled him and him doctors. It was a horrific experience but couldn’t seem to shake his faith. Anderson hit his route again as soon as he could.

“I’ve come through it well,” he said. “God was looking out for me. I guess God has been looking out for me for a long time.”

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5 thoughts on “Mail Carrier suffers stroke on route, gets quick medical help due to GPS in truck

  1. Well Susie Wong maybe you will get what you wish some day. Your pal could privatize the Postal Service and you could work for a union free co. that won’t lose money because they aren’t forced to pre fund health care! Then you won’t cry about a .01 % raise, you won’t receive anything. Be careful of what you wish for. You will work like a trained circus animal every day then some day called into the office over piddle crap and won’t have a union to help. However Trump will come to your aid. So don’t worry, just do as you are told, know your place. work hard for as little as possible.

  2. over worked and under paid with that crummy 1% raise……while the NALC union leadership thugs get 10% and 2 hour lunches on K Street. lets hope President Trump rocks their world.

    • Are or were you a postal employee? In 2006 or about all Postal Vehicles were authorized GPS capabilities, The trucks were supposed to be retrofitted for the Wand program. Too expensive for the Wand, but the other vehicles were equipped with the GPS. Even that you are correct the scan can be stolen so it amy be a great assistance in time of need.
      GPS unit installed in his vehicle is the telltale for this.

  3. I think the GPS is the one in his hand held scanner. I don’t believe there is a GPS in his truck.

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