Mail delivery at midnight a problem for Southwest Atlanta residents

ATLANTA (CBS46) – Wilford Jackson lives in Southwest Atlanta.

“Last night I was in bed trying to go to sleep,” he said.

But he heard the mail truck at nearly midnight.

“I jumped up,” he said. “I certainly didn’t expect it at that time of night.”

Late mail delivery has been an ongoing issue for Jackson and his neighbors. They thought the mail problems were getting better after CBS 46 did this story in October.

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9 thoughts on “Mail delivery at midnight a problem for Southwest Atlanta residents

  1. I live in Adamsville and my mail is vdelivered from Fulton Industrial Station. This makes it obvious that the problem is in no way isolated. As a retired carrier with nearly forty years service I certainly can attest to much change. I cannot fathom any reasonable management procedure that would allow this deplorable situation to arise. For it to go this long without resolution iew normals indeed troubling. Is this to be the new normal?

  2. I hear that letter carriers to make managements projections that they are going to the bathroom in a tub in the back of their LLVs. Wow this NALC is a total pathetic joke to the labor movement. Our union leaders should be ashamed of themselves for not sticking up for us letter carriers to make the working conditions better us. Rolando/Renfroe with Bill Young caused our working conditions to go backwards. Vote these motherfuckerd out in 2018!

  3. The toolbags should just start delivering the mail
    24 hours a day. Issue neon uniforms, flashlights,
    infrared goggles, etc. The toolbags can’t get things
    done during the day so they might as well screw
    things up at night. Maybe Amazon would be interested
    in purchasing the PO. Couldn’t get any worse.
    How are those delivery standards working out Meghen.
    Get out while you can. The end is near.

  4. The Postal service must demote many in management to the carrier craft! Take away their coffee cups and donuts and give them mail bags, scanners, and flash lights. And tell them to maintain schedule.

  5. It used to be a safety hazard to be out after dark. Now the official uniform hats have LED lights built in. 385 days and I’m gone. Good luck to those expecting a career out of this now.

    • Paul,
      It is within management rights to operate the USPS any manner which they deems necessary. That has always been their battle cry, The Union can not tell us how to operate beyond the collective bargaining agreement.

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