Mail Handlers Union Moves to Challenge Wholesale Job Reversions and Bid Abolishments

The National Office has been in contact with Postal Headquarters to discuss the deluge of bid reversions and abolishments that are being implemented across the country as a result of the Function 1 Scheduler. Postal Management has argued that these reversions/ abolishments are necessary because of the continuing decline in mail volumes. The most recent figures (for the period from October 1, 2016 through May 31, 201 7) indicate a decline of over 6 billion pieces in total mail volume from the same period last year.


In an extreme over reaction to these mail volume figures, USPS Headquarters has directed all Postal Areas to assess their current workforce complements and make the necessary adjustments to reflect the decline in mail volume. Not surprisingly, the Area Managers are now over reacting to Postal Headquarters’ initial over reaction.

The “staffing tool” that is being used to determine complement in each postal installation is called the Function 1 Scheduler. As explained by Postal Managers, the Function 1 Scheduler uses mail volumes, available equipment, allied labor, and volume arrival, among other factors, to help the processing centers to determine their bid alignments and schedules. However, as most Mail Handler representatives already know, the Function 1 Scheduler is far from perfect.

Read the full memorandum and related material that was sent to Local President on June 2, 2017

13 thoughts on “Mail Handlers Union Moves to Challenge Wholesale Job Reversions and Bid Abolishments

  1. And what’s with the mail handler who says he’s “on the way to another 80k+ year”? He must not care about his family that much!

  2. Still takin in in the BIG ONES after all these years, kiddos!! Trump??? Who the fuck cares? You, me and everybody are taking this train all the way home. CHOOOOCHOO

  3. The National Union is looking into the wide-spread job abolishment’s and reversions is a joke. Such issue is a local issue and must be addressed locally and locally arbitrated. The National Office so-called looking into this issue is a smoke screen and unless the local branches handle this situation nothing will be done outside of that branch. Stop the smoke screen and tell the membership the truth.

  4. If mail volume was down so much we wouldn’t have people lined up out the door complaining because there’s only one person waiting on everything because we’re short handed. We wouldn’t have carriers late coming back from their route due to the fact we’re short handed and have one person scanning packages and one person scheming. The problem with management is that they are not doing this work to understand what we go through. They always hire plenty of carriers but not enough clerks. We have too many chiefs not enough Indians. Most of the chiefs know nothing about the rules of our job much less their own.

  5. The only way to end the massive incompetence: privatize USPS. Only private sector business practices can end the insanity.

  6. The USPS massive revisions/abolishments of now mail-handlers bids,is just another upper-management attempt to drive older postal-workers,into earlier than planned retirements. Let’s hope the various postal-workers unions, could stop DC’s proposals to end the FERS Supplement for employees, under the age of 62;who have otherwise meet the minimum USPS retirement age?

  7. Will management start to cut the number of management jobs? Since the mail volume has dropped and the need for less workers is called for, that means less stupidvisors! I know that they should at least keep enough bosses to maintain the coffee and donuts supply. Management should never suffer any hardships!

      • My neighbor is a carrier, they cut 7 routes in his office a few years ago, he’s now into Victory time every day, says no to day seven and did $87k last year.

        Did you know that a $4,000+ net to bank check will not process as direct deposit? You must sign for a paper check. How do I know this? It is happening to mail processing clerk’s in my facility.

        Keep cutting jobs. Best thing that could happen. Me, just trying to put together a little grub stake for my retirement.

  8. Nobody is left. Nobody in management that could possibly implement any kind of staffing changes in an equitable manner. Nobody in the union that could possibly file cogent, defensible grievances.

    This much is clear, the volume has collapsed. YET the OT calls continue. I’m a mail handler on the way to another $80k+ year and they say they want to cut 63 positions in my facility. They are insane.

    If there is a worse run organization in the United States I’d love to know about it but I doubt there is.

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