Mail Handlers Union secures delay of proposed involuntary reassignments

NPMHU_logoFrom the National Postal Mail Handlers Union:

USPS management continues to implement its ill-conceived plans to realign its work force.  Their plans involve massive bid reversions and job abolishments in almost every mail processing facility throughout the country.  In most cases, management is basing its staffing needs on the flawed Function 1 Scheduler that the Postal Service uses to determine staffing levels at the large mail processing plants.  Postal management continues to argue that these reversions and/or abolishments are necessary because of the continuing decline in mail volumes.

In response to these unwarranted attacks on the postal workforce, NPMHU President Paul Hogrogian and APWU President Mark Dimondstein sent a joint letter to Postmaster General Megan Brennan protesting the Postal Service’s proposed actions. The two Presidents vowed that both unions would work together to combat the Postal Service’s attacks on its employees.

The NPMHU has been recently informed by Postal Headquarters that the September 2017 “move date” will be pushed back and that no Mail Handler will be involuntarily reassigned out of his/her installation until, in all likelihood, at least February 2018.  Postal management has agreed to use this extended period to discuss with the unions ways to minimize and even eliminate the involuntary reassignments of Full-Time career employees out of their current installations.  Management also confirmed that it is required under Article 7 of our National Agreement to reduce their proposed non-career work hours to the greatest extent possible before excessing career employees out of their installation.

However, management remains steadfast in its intention to realign the work force and align employees’ schedules/start times with the projected mail arrival profiles.  This will result in wholesale start time changes, bid reversions, and abolishment of duty assignments.  Area Labor-Relations specialists will be meeting with the respective NPMHU Regional Directors to discuss how they will be implementing these changes.  During these meetings, our Regional Directors will be voicing our strong opposition to these unnecessary changes and suggest more efficient alternatives.

Unions representatives at the Local and Branch levels will challenge the unwarranted start time changes, reversions, and abolishments and will file the appropriate grievances.  The National and Regional CAD remain fully prepared to assist the Local Unions in processing these grievances.  All members also should stay informed of these issues, both through the mail and on the NPMHU website.

Read the July Update to learn about the Union’s efforts in securing a delay in the proposed involuntary reassignments.

PDF Version (July 2017 Update)


9 thoughts on “Mail Handlers Union secures delay of proposed involuntary reassignments

  1. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ BUYOUT NOW $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$…….it to far gone. as far as quiting, retiring, get out etc………only a buyout would stop from laughing my ass off at watching these loser postal mismanagers running this place into the dirt! while waiting for my buyout…..just pass me the popcorn. US Postal Circus……..after Ringlings Brothers Circus closed down, the Postal Circus is the only show in town. ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how does one say your monopoly days are long gone lol. as far as postal pride goes and all these mismanagement scams at the plant……everyone start wearing UPS and FDX T shirts to work! (or TEAMSTERS)

  2. Yes volume has decrease and technology is moving too fast and will continue to cost jobs. But the main problem is management and its underlings. Supervisors who are afraid of the MDo’s. No freedom for supervisors. to make adjustments. Plus management loss thousands of manpower hours reworking mail because of mistakes by the mdo’s.Also the supervisors don’t know the jobs and expect the craft workers to bail them out.Plus about 5% of the workers also bears blame. Those are workers that disappears from their assignment because they do not want to do any work. The want to slide the day as much as possible and only want a paycheck.

  3. When is Somebody going to call this crap for what it is: (going on in all crafts) Mgmnt is deploying every means within their disposal to harass, disrupt, “turn upside down” the lives of all career Employees to get them to quit, retire or get out at the Expense of Customer Service….If which they don’t give a damn at the expense of the organization or it’s Customers just to bring in more third wage tier Employees.

  4. As for these reallignments,abolishments,reversions of jobs, its really not necessary for all these unwarranted issues, they based their projection of declining mail volume on this F1 Scheduler device,these scheduler device are projected by computer devices, that are input with numbers from a human being, it might be inaccurate counts and analysis from inputing these numbers , we should look deep at the reality in operational work volume floor,as for Sanbernardino P&DC, we are sure hurt without staffing each operational with the appropriate staffing, Apps,USS Machine, those are the area needs more attention, Hopefully, this will accomodate these areas.

  5. well the good old Mid-Island Plant 117/119. person in charge was a failure in 3 other plants besides this one…..what do they do? they extend his contract for another 2 years. only bigger joke then him, is the APWU which has its head up his a@@!( to get along you have to go along status quo type delusional thinking) simple fact is UPS and FDX make $Billions a year and Amazon is coming on like gangbusters.(just ordered 90 Boeing 767 Freighters to go with their other 40 jets) US Postal is dying from inside out, lost over 120 Billion since 2009……..all I want to know is where is my BUYOUT! last one left “LEAVE THE LIGHT ON” and waste their electricity. we union people have for years watched PO Bureaucrats falsify data to procure monetary bonuses……….while shop stupids were allowed to sleep in the union office as long as they looked the other way and kept the union dissidents at bay. glad to see it all coming down man! what goes around comes around.

  6. Start times, break times, lunch times have been changed before; bids have been abolished and reverted and other changes made – and nothing has improved – in fact things have gotten worse. That’s because these issues are not the problem. The problem is incompetent, clueless management; and until managerial changes are made, system-wide problems will continue. At Mid-Island P&DC (NY), the more changes are made, the more OT has to be given. Like I have often said: “The best way to screw management is do exactly what they say.” In Union solidarity and brotherhood, a member of the APWU.

  7. I’ve said it before, I hit pp13 at just shy of $45k, said no to another $2 or 3k, and YET local management is on board w/ this lastest foolish fad.

    So they want to cut 20% of the jobs. Go for it. I’m working enough as it is but some folks have kids in college or have just bought houses, they could use the extra money. Because only in the PO does subtraction mean addition. Management is truly insane.

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