Mail truck catches fire in San Pablo CA

11/26/17 SAN PABLO, Calif. (KTVU) – We’re getting reports of a mail truck crash off the freeway in San Pablo.


KTVU’s Jesse Gary just arrived on scene. Officials say they are unsure of the cause, but the truck did hit a pole and crashed.

The female mail carrier driving the truck is suffering from minor injuries.

Mail truck catches fire in San Pablo

Mail truck catches fire near Wayzata, Minn.

One thought on “Mail truck catches fire in San Pablo CA

  1. Ya…minor injuries my ass. She’s still in the hospital. I am a nurse and stopped to help her and her injuries were far from minor. And funny how the news fails to report the 2 men that were heroes and pulled her from the burning truck about a minute before the gas tank exploded. There was about 10 people who stopped to help her, and I love my community for that. I pray she is ok. All the news seemed worried to report is about people’s mail….. sad.

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