Mailman Standing Outside Postal Truck Hit by Car, Airlifted to Hospital

A postal worker on Long Island was struck by a car while on the job, and has been airlifted to a local hospital.


Police were offering few details right away, but a neighbor says a mail carrier was standing outside the back of a U.S. Postal Service truck in North Babylon when another car hit him from behind.

6 thoughts on “Mailman Standing Outside Postal Truck Hit by Car, Airlifted to Hospital

  1. whoever from Postal Mismanagement started the policy of working your mail at the back of the truck should be fired………District Manager and Safety Manager from the Long Island, New York District should also be fired for letting this happen. There is a phenomenon called “target fixation” on these types of busy roads. short answer is you start to look at the person/vehicle on the side of the road and you lock your eyes on them and you just run right into what you are looking at. I would love to say the dopes at Long Island District should know about this, but sad truth is the ” I got my mismanagement job by crying to EEOC crowd” is now running the District and the PD&C Plant into the ground.(half of them can not even speak basic english) PD&C Plant is second from bottom (they beat Puerto Rico lol) This accident did not just happen……their diversity at any cost, including promoting morons with a IQ of 70 caused it. are you listening IOD Meghan Brennen? Long Island Letter Carriers do not let these turd worlder’s kill or maime you……you have a right to refuse unsafe work……let them go back to India!

  2. see that suffolk county police car……..patrolman after 5 years have a base salary of $143,000, add in OT they make $175,000 easy. now postal boys and girls that is what you call a great union who delivers the bacon. at 7/11one day I was talking to a cop on line and told him we have a base of $58,000………..he just laughed and said glad he didn’t go to the po.

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