NALC: 6-day mail preserved in spending bill

From the National Association of Letter Carriers:

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LETTER CARRIERS LOGOA bipartisan omnibus spending bill released on Jan. 13 retained the language calling for six-day mail delivery service, language that has been part of such bills for more than 30 years. “We are grateful that Congress recognizes the value of Saturday delivery to millions of American businesses that rely on the most efficient last-mile delivery system in the world,” NALC President Fredric Rolando said. “As the economy recovers and e-commerce booms, the Postal Service has returned to operational profitability, which would be threatened by cutting the Saturday service on which millions of small businesses and residents rely. Letter carriers and other postal employees have sacrificed tremendously to help the Postal Service recover from the Great Recession and adapt to technological changes. This sacrifice helped the Postal Service realize an operating profit in 2013. We are pleased that Congress has rejected the elimination of Saturday delivery as counter-productive; now we call on it to enact reform that will allow the Postal Service to innovate and grow—without dismantling the retail, processing and delivery networks that make it a national treasure.”

10 thoughts on “NALC: 6-day mail preserved in spending bill

  1. I’m confused. He’s says its a victory for businesses that rely on last mile delivery on Saturdays. I always thought if we dropped Saturdays packages would still be delivered and the windows would remain open. Also, this is 2014 and most, if not all, orders to businesses are done on-line. Canada did the right thing, they saw they were losing money and they fixed it quickly. In 5 years there deliveries will all be to cluster boxes. Not us, we lose money and we keep delivering mail on Saturdays, keep giving away freebies and don’t charge the correct amount for 3rd class( I saw a charity that was only charged 5 cents to mail their letters). Congress needs to cut us loose and we need someone with business sense to run it.

  2. Yes WorkerBee, Canada has not been doing Saturday delivery for 30 + years and surviving! I would say Henry is hitting right on the head…not to mention that if the USPS thought it was necessary to end Saturday delivery they could after 2 years (which is the end of fiscal year 2014) according to Obama….check it out…so this spending bill is only a band aid for now.

  3. Canada Post doing just fine? Seriously ???

    According to a USPS study, Saturday delivery is 7.7% of the mail volume, not an insignificant amount, considering 160 billion mailpieces were delivered in 2013. That’s probably a few billion dollars in revenue per Saturday.

  4. People are standing by their mailboxes (if still have one)
    awaiting delivery of an advertisement where they can dash to their vehicles and break speed limit to take advantage
    of the item on sale that had a week left to purchase.
    6 day street delivery maybe a tradition revered by vote hungry politicians but is a waste of money for a bankrupt so called semi quasi government agency that was mandated to break even when it came into existence and relieved taxpayer from paying for politicians schemes. 6 day street delivery is comparable to burning money going up in smoke as delivering the type of mail that now exist is waste.
    It is not communications between individual or businesses but is advertising bulk business mail that is as useless as a -art in a tornado. High distribution cost low revenue generator. Costly-wasted cost.

  5. this is great news,with older carriers leaving and cca’s quitting,i will do my little mounted route,and get 2 hrs ot a day,in my office we hired 6 cca;s and only 2 are left,and they are none to happy about working 7 days a week,in fact when i said god bless amazon,they told me to go f myself,and with 3 carriers leaving by june 1,6 day work week for me plus 2 hrs ot a day,56 hrs a week ,sounds good to me.

  6. We’ll move to Canada maillady, here in America service is the name that tune.That’s why it’s called postal (service) you getting this management? This is not your own private Idaho, is this clear to you.

    Now let’s get those coin single stamp machines back, throw in a few more window clerks at the window, along with Sunday Amazon, Maybe a jar filled of M&Ms on each window for good taste as we talk about which service I wish to use.

    I’m looking for a fishing license and this keg of beer to be shipped.

    Passports and some money orders…..please.

  7. Really the millions of American businesses? Seriously quit making America ride this roller coaster….Canada has done just fine over these past 30 some years w/out Saturdays. Besides the CCA catagory for carriers in my point of view is the slow spiral death of the craft.

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