NALC: Contract talks intensify in final week of 2011 National Agreement


5/16/16 The full negotiating teams of the National Association of Letter Carriers and the U.S. Postal Service convened this morning in a downtown Washington, DC, hotel to open a final week of collective bargaining prior to the expiration of the 2011-2016 National Agreement this Friday, May 20, at midnight.

NALC’s team consists of the 28 members of the union’s Executive Council, which was called into session on Sunday evening to discuss plans for the final week of contract talks.

NALC President Fredric Rolando set the agenda for the week on Monday: Full, undivided and intense attention to the goal of reaching a contract addressing the wages, benefits and working conditions for America’s 205,000 active city letter carriers.

Postal Service Vice President for Labor Relations Doug Tulino, the agency’s principal spokesman in the negotiations, attested to USPS’ dedication to the same goal.

For the past 11 weeks, in addition to main table discussions on key economic provisions, the parties have been working in several subcommittees to address specific provisions of the National Agreement. Those subcommittees will continue to work during the week, the second of two scheduled weeks of sequestered negotiations. The first week took place in March.

On Monday, President Rolando issued the following statement:

The work of negotiating a mutually acceptable contract between 205,000 city letter carriers and an employer of the size, complexity and unique character of the USPS is a daunting task. Both sides are committed to make their best good-faith efforts to reach a settlement by Friday at midnight. That is our intention.

Should more work remain to be done, and should we need more time, we will have a process in place to continue our negotiations beyond the Friday deadline.

So long as there is a path to success, we will pursue a negotiated contract without resorting to mediation or interest arbitration.

Of course, by law, there will be no work stoppage or interruption of operations. And our existing labor contract will remain in effect until a new contract is either negotiated or arbitrated.

Both sides are firmly committed to the same end product: A full and fair contract, fully and fairly reached, for America’s most trusted workers.

source: NALC

18 thoughts on “NALC: Contract talks intensify in final week of 2011 National Agreement

  1. listen to you crybabies whine. your all overpaid paperboys and think your indispensable. i hope your union fails and you get what’s coming to you, minimum wage.

  2. The new contract will allow us to use goats in place of CCAs. They can eat the mail as fast as the CCAS misdeliver it. At least it will be gone. As a bonus, a goat fired for being inept never filed an EEO claim.

  3. The afl-cio gives Rolando a position so that he won’t leave and go to the teamsters. the carriers last contract with cca’s decision saved the usps well over $1 billion per year each year, and when you add in the other unions 2nd class workers, that’s 3 billion a year, and the usps still couldn’t show a profit.
    Want to bet that the usps could cut every workers salary in half and mismanagement would still figure out a way to be unprofitable

  4. Locality wages would lift all ee’s salary(cca and regular). We will get a Arb’s decision in 2017 awarding us a 1.1% raise in 2018, with reduced cola’s(less than actual) payable in 2019 and 2020.
    Do you feel represented by Rolando(you cant serve 2 masters, afl-cio post). We need the teamsters because ups in our area make $80k base in 4 years and no contribution toward pension or hbp.
    We need to stop subsidizing Amazon(secret price), and also ups, fed ex(last mile), non profits and charities. We subsidize them and we get 1.1%. WOW

    • And we will still get our PFP’s rolled in at 5% per year on our overpaid salaries! it’s all good on the EAS gravy train!

  5. everybody laughing…….all this “show trial” for 1% lol! useful idiots even going to vote Democrat for their crummy 1%.

  6. C’mon guys… We see this stuff every negotiation. Calm down and vote for bernie.

  7. Lots of talk Rolando and no action again…… he knows exactly what to say to spin things like he is doing the carriers a huge favor, when in the end we get our standard 1% and call it a win. The cca position is a joke, yet the union wants us to be so grateful to them because that also was a “win”…… I would hate to see what their definition of a “loss” would be…… same story, another contract

  8. NALC never mentioned what they want in a contract. All hush-hush with this “open union”. Vegas has it on the boards as, 1 to 1,000 on settled agreement and the arbitration as….no bet, off the boards.
    As long as the lifers (80% of LaInfant Plaza waste are home grown, never been outside in the real world, don’t know the meaning of responsibility) we are going to arbitration. Oh well what can ya do?

  9. Postal management would rather spend money on scanners(surveillance devices) than give any increases in pay. And the Postal Service must have big bucks to pay out arbitration awards. Don’t forget funds for the limos. We can’t expect the big time operators to take the bus or train!

  10. Yeah, I told our branch rep making an office visit that I’m waiting to see what the contract brings and if it’s crap like the last one, I’M OUT. The NALC rolled over and stopped fighting for us, my wife is a Teamster, they fight for their people!

  11. Funny, I don’t recall getting my survey or questionnaire from NALC asking what I would like to see in a new contract. Hmmmm, maybe I missed it or it got lost in the mail.

    Anyone else get theirs?

  12. I see a lot of empty doughnut boxes in the background. I hope everybody had their fair share

    • Anthony Frank was a tool! Marvin Runyon was the best. Preston Tisch was next best and PMG Albert Casey, former Chairman of American Airlines with MBA from Harvard was the smartest. look at the last 3 dummies….Fatboy Potter,Donahoe, IOD Muffin Meghan……..each one could skipper the HMS Titanic. enjoy your 1% when “real inflation” is at 7-10%! last 10 years we were hammered with loss of purchasing power of us dollar.

  13. Uh, no details. If Rolando or the USPS expect me to believe the last line that both sides are committed to a “full and fair contract, fully and fairly reached”, then they don’t give me or anybody else much credit for intelligence.
    This worries me a little bit because unlike the APWU which listed their demands and went in fighting, when we get nothing by way of demands or details, it reeks of collusion to me. If an agreement is reached without arbitration, I guarantee it will not be good for NALC members because negotiated contracts have never been since the days of Anthony Frank in the mid ’80’s, the last good fair PMG the USPS ever had. To me no contract would be worth ratifying if it didn’t eliminate the CCA disaster, include some real raises, not just a piss poor 1%, and much stronger language holding management accountable for abuse of employees.
    Those attending the national convention, should this contract be ratified and really stink, should raise pure hell and consider voting out the good old boys at NALC Headquarters if they’re not willing to fight for us.

    • Please believe its a duck. Full and Fair, Fully and fairly reached by whom, for whom, and with whom; finally carefully scrutinize the duty of your union. Represent the membership. That word is so narrowly applied when the represented is Union or people of intended peril. The Teamsters represent UPS who is one of the major stakeholders in this 390 degree circle. Notice the 30 degrees overlap, it represents greed.The damage is done but join in the fight to correct the wrongs. Most of our issues are addressed while fighting.

    • You hit the nail on the head, the two sides should be far apart on terms of the next contract if Rolando and the executive board is working for the best interests of the members.Management’s negotiators refused to get serious with the APWU though 3 months of “negotiations” and 7 months of “mediation” that went nowhere before they finally moved on to interest arbitration. Management’s negotiators will put the same giveback demands on the table that they have demanded from the APWU,no raises, an increase in the contribution to health care,a lower pay tier for new hires, more CCA’s and end the no-layoff protection.There had better not be a tentative agreement because that crap will be voted down,even it’s the same as what the Rural Carriers sold out for,no raises and another “associate” category.

  14. If the union does not make a 180 degree turn around on this contract. They should disband and let the teamsters take over. The major problem is in the union statement by us not allowing to strike,and that is why management gets away with murder

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