NALC Endorses Issa Challenger and 25 Republican Candidates

naps-logoNALC has released a VOTER GUIDE for its members.  The challenger Dave Peiser is running against Rep.  Darrell Issa  in California’s 49th Congressional District. While NALC has endorsed Peiser, they have also endorsed 25 Republicans.

In this year’s election it is crucial for Democrats to take over majority in the House of Representatives.

NALC also endorsed the co-author of the disastrous Postal Reform bill (PAEA) of 2006, the person pushing for  injured postal workers to retire; reduce compensation and other changes= Senator Susan Collins.

Although it is truly understandable why NALC endorsed some of these candidates –this may not be the year to do so (note: some of the Republican  candidates were also endorsed in 2012 election cycle by APWU, NPMHU, NRLCA, NAPUS, NAPS and NLPM)  .


Here are the NALC’s reasons for selecting candidates

When you cast your ballot on Nov. 4, it will be important for you to know who in Congress supports a strong USPS and who understands the value that letter carriers bring to the communities we serve.

NALC’s Government Affairs Department has been keeping a watchful eye this election season, determining:

which candidates have fought to keep six-day mail delivery throughout the repeated attacks on it during the 113th Congress.
which candidates are on the record in support of maintaining door-to-door mail delivery.
which candidates support postal reform legislation that protects letter carrier jobs and preserves USPS’ unique delivery network.
which candidates have worked with NALC members at the national and local levels to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones.
where there is a challenger running against a current member of Congress who has actively worked against the interest of letter carriers.

Below is a compilation of select candidates for congressional office—regardless of political party—who have supported letter carriers on some or all fronts, or those who local NALC branches indicate are continuing to build bridges with letter carriers on issues of importance to letter carriers.

As NALC’s political capital continues to grow, so does its influence on Capitol Hill. Let’s use this growing power to elect men and women who will support letter carriers in the 114th Congress.

see NALC Voter Guide

16 thoughts on “NALC Endorses Issa Challenger and 25 Republican Candidates

  1. If this is what the NALC circulates, we’re doomed. I always do extensive research on the candidates and do not look for anyone else to tell me how to vote. As a result, I don’t vote Republican. If nothing else, think about the consequences when these elected officials appoint corporate whores for judges. They can do far more damage to this country for a longer period of time. Even if Hillary gets the Democratic nomination, I will hold my nose and get out and vote for her for that sole reason.

  2. NALC supporting Republicans, Wow, NALC must be aware of the support for postal workers but which ones. They never implied the present employees. They support Postal employees of the part-time variety and not the present ones Wake-Up before Nov 4.
    They referred to postal employees but believe its not the present 28.00 per hour workers. Geaux Figure that before Nov 4.Sheep in Wolves clothing is the concept of today and you best believe its for real. No intention to help hourly workers, please check their voting records and it is a duck, Quack, Quack!

  3. Maybe they are smart supporting the Republicans,after all they will take over the Senate. Those losers who supported Obummer are branded and are unelectable…too bad this was not the case two years ago.

  4. Issa is on his way out so the focus should be on his replacements like Mike Turner and Jason Chaffetz. If people though Issa was bad wait until one of these guys are at the helm.

  5. Forget my last comment, TSP. I hate Facebook and Twitter and won’t use them, so I didn’t consider those as sounding boards, silly me. Part of me likes the internet, part of me hates a lot of it, and social media is one of them. Oh well, at least I found out what I need to know. Guess I’m suffering from management syndrome or something.

  6. Is that right about the CCA’s, that it was strictly an arbitrator’s decision? I hadn’t heard that, TSP, or I wouldn’t have accused the NALC of promoting it. I would certainly feel a bit better about the union if that is indeed the case. Guess I’ll have to look up the decision unless one of you happen to have a copy of the decision.
    Still, the damage is done, and assuming the NALC was opposed, they need to try to overturn it, although I realize once something’s in the system, it’s damn near impossible to remove.
    One other thing that bugs me: the NALC is ballyhooing their new website, which is nice, but unless I can’t find it, why isn’t there a comments forum? Seems most major branches have them, so what’s the deal with national? Thanks for the info on the CCA’s.

  7. Jed Bush? In 2016? That just don’t smell right Captn of hows that going, Captn of what? Might I ask?

    On second thought….Jimmy crack corn.

  8. Once agin it’s NEVER Obama’s fault….Stop living in the past and look what Obama has done….Why do you all think Jimmy Carter is so happy, because he knows Obama will go down as the worst president ever not him….We are not safer since he has been in office and the economy is terrible….Everything he say’s is a lie, everything…Bush has not been in office for 6 years people…Wait until the Fed stops pumping 20 Billion dollars in to the stock market to make it look like the economy is good, but we all know it isn’t…Look at the people getting jobs at the USPS, they all say there is nothing else out there..Wake up people he is Killing America…Wake up….

  9. Capnt Salty, Tell me how great things were when your pall president Forrest Gump was around? ” The weapons of mass destruction” were never found! Just stay in fantasy land. Your friends will sink the Postal Service! That is what you want.

  10. Captn salty it’s working out a lot better than bush did!! I wouldn’t brag about the GOP, two bushes, two failed economies.

  11. Y’all have a good record ~~ after all y’all supported King Obie. How’s that working out for ya?

  12. Um fed up, surely you’re aware that the CCA situation and creation was not done by the nalc, but by the arbitrator who decided the contract……..

  13. They’ll say anything to get elected. President Obama supported us too. Then he stabbed us in the back.

  14. Supporting Susan Collins? Really. What chance does Issa have of losing in a super rich gerrymandered district of greater San Diego? Duh. The NALC has not fought hard enough or loud enough to attack Donahoe’s piss poor performance, lies to the public and attempts to kill the four unions. We used to fight like caged rats, but now all we do is whimper. The membership at large isn’t happy, and the continued failure of the NALC to be aggressive will result in a lot of resignations from the union. The CCA program is an unmitigated sellout to management, and thousands of those employees are being brutally treated with no help from DRT’s or locals who fear that making much noise will just result in the CCA’s removal at their terms’ end.
    I don’t know what the NALC was thinking, but they all but sealed the coffin on reliable dependable service with the CCA’s, who will be fired in far too many places before they’re converted to regular positions. That is, the ones who don’t quit because they’re being so horribly abused. We must go back to the PTF system, and should have never left it in the first place, for TE’s or CCA’s.

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