NALC: It is unclear if Trump’s federal hiring freeze applies to USPS

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LETTER CARRIERS LOGOStatement to NALC members from President Rolando on Trump administration’s federal hiring freeze

Yesterday, President Donald Trump issued an executive order to all federal departments and agencies to freeze all hiring effective Jan. 22, 2017.

NALC President Fredric Rolando has issued the following statement to NALC members:

Based on our initial review and internal legal analysis, and following discussions with senior postal management, it is not clear whether yesterday’s executive order applies, in whole or in part, to the United States Postal Service.

Regardless, in our view, because the order specifically “does not abrogate any collective bargaining agreement in effect,” the directive cannot supersede the provisions of our National Agreement, including required conversions of CCA carriers to career status.

Management is seeking further clarification about the application of the executive order to the Postal Service.

We will report further information about this order as it becomes available.

source: NALC

USPS unclear on impact of Trump’s federal hiring freeze

14 thoughts on “NALC: It is unclear if Trump’s federal hiring freeze applies to USPS

  1. We had a hiring freeze before so what makes you think you are exempt now…..Does anyone not remember this…..oh wait…..that’s right …..most of us have retired. Okay, it happened before and then they hired Marvin Runyon out of the TVA to be Postmaster General and he eliminated a lot of management and streamlined the post office…….called him “Carvin Marvin”……ring any bells~

  2. Listen, he will go to work on the chiefs, not the indians… Quit fricken running around like the sky is falling… All union leaders know is fear mongering… Just STOP it…

  3. it going to be a big, huge, wonderful wall………now go tax the western union remittance outflow to mexico and south america at a 20% rate. getting away with free health care and free education and welfare……..this is going to stop in a new york, Trump minute. as far as a 1% raise when real inflation is 7% not the govt fake news of 2%………these unions have gone along with the govt fake news or they are really just real stupid. reminds me of all the commies who infiltrated the us govt in the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s……the left wing nuts said it ain’t so……but venona papers proved that the commie horde was real. I would love for Trump to sell off this dump to UPS/FDX and thtow the po mismanagement on the street like he did to president of border patrol and va hospital administrators he fired…….Trump knows how to kick a@@………think he would settle for a 1% raise? Trump should fire Obammy hire PMG IOD Brennen.

  4. The crew in Washington on both sides must be freaking out with this Trump stuff. We maybe independent but President does appoint 9 members of the Board of Governors and 10 & 11 are the PMG and APMG. Playball or your fired!

  5. Ok Fred. Now go fight for our 1% raise! Oh wait- forgot that’s the standard we always get. This union won’t fight for more $ for the carriers. Never has never will. We just keep playing defense to see what we don’t lose, not what we can win. And then the union will call it a victory for all of us hard working carriers with an honest and fare wage again. Mb Fred you should get our 1% as well and lack of Colas. And then pat yourself on the back for your efforts

  6. why isn t the new contract done and with retro pay back to may 20 2016. it makes me feel uncompfortable. why can t this be done. instead of worying about cca s take care of us city carriers whom have worked very hard for years with no rewards

  7. Today it doesn’t apply, but tomorrow could be a different story.

    Another Yuuuuuuugggggggggeeeeeeeee Order

  8. This is typical; the NALC is clueless and can’t give a straight answer to an important issue.

  9. This might be a blessing in disguise. ..the majority of the c.c.a’s are killing the service and our image

  10. when is Mr. Rolando going to meet with President Trump and we might as well ask then why isn’t any of our other craft leaders meeting or asking to meet with Trump?
    we as Postal employees want to know when because it will be a great meeting.
    the Postal Service is a winner we need the shackles taken off our shoulders

  11. and so it begins……President Trump fires 2 VA Hospital Administrators for corruption and unethical activity…………Post Office Mismanagement you are on notice!

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