NALC: Letter Carriers Back Pay update

From NALC 12/1/17

Active letter carriers

All active career letter carriers received their back pay in today’s paycheck. This payment covers the period of time from Sept. 3, 2016, through August 18, 2017. During this period, career letter carriers received three wage increases: a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) of $21 annually, effective Sept. 3, 2016; a general wage increase of 1.2 percent effective Nov. 26, 2016; and a COLA of $270 effective March 4, 2017.

Active city carrier assistant (CCA) letter carriers will receive their back pay in their Feb. 9, 2018, paychecks. A CCA’s back pay will cover the period from Nov. 26, 2016, through Sept. 15, 2017. This payment will include the 2.2 percent general wage increase and the addition of two $0.50-per-hour step increases in the new CCA pay scale where applicable. The two $0.50-per-hour step increases are payable at 12 and 52 weeks of service.

Letter carriers who converted from CCA to career during the back pay period received the career portion of their back pay today and will receive the back pay for their time spent as a CCA in their Feb. 9, 2018, paycheck.

Retired and separated letter carriers

Most career letter carriers who retired between Sept. 3, 2016, and August 18, 2017, and those career letter carriers who were active on August 7, 2017, and have since separated from the Postal Service, also received their back pay today. These former letter carriers received their back pay in the form of a paper check mailed to the last office in which they worked, and they should contact their former office to arrange getting the check.

The remaining 3,600 carriers in this category will receive their back pay the same way on Dec. 15, 2018. This unfortunate delay is due to a coding error related to the terminal leave payments made to these carriers.

Former CCA letter carriers who were active on August 7, 2017, and have since separated from the Postal Service should check back for further updates on when and how their back pay will be distributed.

source: NALC


10 thoughts on “NALC: Letter Carriers Back Pay update

  1. After 31 years , I wonder how much mail I delivered! I can’t believe it went so fast. Just make sure you use TSP and contribute at least 5 percent minimum , guess what the pension isn’t enough ! Not in New York !!!!!!

  2. Have to agree with Circus, The service that the USPS provides is garbage, most of the NEW employees don’t care, all they want is a paycheck and want to do a easy route for their money. In our office the phone lines ring (3) all day, miss deliveries, my package showed it was delivered and its not in my mailbox or at the front door.
    We have 8 offices in our area, and there is one, that averages 8-12 sick calls on most days. But management seems to do nothing to the new carriers, for one they say they are cheap labor so they put up with their calling in sick, and the second reason, every 10 people they hire, 8 of them quit in a month.
    And they dress like SLOBS, dirty shirts, pants half way down their BUTT, every color shoe but black. Really SAD

    There so much more I could tell you, but it would take to long.

    • Pretty soon it will be like all fast food workers!! Cheap labor will always get you the worst workers

  3. What is the Postal Service doing about Sexual Harassment and Retaliation. The victims file numerous EEOS that are not private but instead escalate more abuse on the work floor for the victims. The victims are then labeled trouble maker and now a whistle blower. I was that victim tormented for years even when the post office knew I was not the only one. The retaliation never ended when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I knew then no one cared they just wanted me to go away. I have now reached out to Congress with documents of proof. I pray my letter and documents do not fall on deaf ears. I don’t want what happened to me to happen to anyone.

  4. Good work management! I’m retired and you screw up and send my check to the post office. Then my locals don’t bother to call me and tell me it’s there, either. What the hell is wrong with you? Also, nobody picked up my outgoing mail from my home yesterday, either. The flag was up early and there is no excuse for this continuing shitty delivery. I had a couple very important letters to go out, and I learned that it was so disorganized yesterday at the office who delivers my mail (not where I worked) rural carriers were out till nearly 9:00 PM, and apparently whomever supposedly delivered my street had no clue what the raised flag meant.
    Frankly, I don’t think my street got delivery at all. I watched all day, checked my box at 8:00 PM and the outgoing was still in there, flag up.
    Then I have to watch the out and out false claims on TV of the lovey dovey USPS promising their usual dependable professional delivery service this busy holiday season. My service has been terrible, and I’m about to start doing bank drafts with my utilities and credit card because I cannot depend on my carriers to do their goddamn jobs. I did mine, and I have no patience for this kind of crap.

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