NALC: Six-day mail delivery clears major hurdle

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LETTER CARRIERS LOGOJuly 16, 2014—The full House of Representatives voted Wednesday to preserve six-day mail delivery appropriations language by passing H.R. 5016, the Fiscal Year 2015 Financial Services and General Government (FSGG) appropriations bill.

The base bill was introduced last month without the six-day provision, which has been part of appropriations bills for decades. But following extensive lobbying efforts nationwide, that language was successfully reinserted into the bill that was approved on June 25 by the House Appropriations Committee, thanks to an amendment co-sponsored by Reps. José Serrano (D-NY) and Tom Latham (R-IA).

Additionally, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa’s (R-CA) last-ditch attempt to remove the language during the House rules process was defeated earlier this month.

“Today’s victory is a major one for the NALC and our activists who have pressured lawmakers—and continue to pressure them—to support six-day mail delivery,” NALC President Fredric Rolando said.

Six-day mail clears major hurdle.

29 thoughts on “NALC: Six-day mail delivery clears major hurdle

  1. Pre funding, pre funding, pre funding, that’s all you hear, How many millions of dollars must be wasted on phony overtime. Oh yeah, don’t look so shocked, you know exactly who you are.

  2. Stuman is smart….. well said! Common sense people….. ask your customers if they want 6 day delivery and you will see they dont give a s###t! I think Rolando shud ask us carriers what we think but he knows better…. he doesn’t want to face the truth cuz it will affect his bottom line

  3. Stuman I was a ptf 28 years trash the union ,yet where would we be if there was no union? How would mgmt treat us then?as far as amazon maybe you don’t see it coming but they are gonna dump us in a few years to become their own delivery company .so cutting business is not good business.
    I am glad to see you know about the prefunding many uman/floaters would lose their jobs(after the cca’s)if we go to five day or ….4 or 3 you really think mgmt would stop at five day?maybe you want more work each day but I can assure you most carriers do not.

  4. I would say 95 percent of what I deliver is 3rd class. It’s either charities or “to the resident of”. If parcels are going to be delivered on Saturdays can someone please tell me what is this important mail that people must have on Saturdays. This is 2014 not 1984, if you are at home, on a Saturday, waiting for a mailman you are either over 80 or in desperate need of a hobby.

  5. Saturday delivery is a must, not for only mail but for the growing parcel buisness that everybody seems to be overlooking .And for you Carriers that want Saturday off , I can see you only have your own interst in mind and not that of the Postal Service or the Country. If we loose Saturday delivery we loose both jobs and service quality and thats letting everone down. My post office is now closed in the morning and opens from 1 to 5 and the only time I can get there is when they open in the morning on Saturdays .
    and Bo after 34 years take your retiremnt already and your opinion with you.

  6. Monday through Friday work week for all regular city letter carriers. Assign 1 CCA to every route for Saturday AND Sunday delivery. All mail and parcels goes on Saturday and only time critical mail and parcels on Sunday. Plus all routes evaluated one time a year based on previous year volume and work time. Get done in 7 you get paid for 8 and go home. Get done in 8 and a half you get paid for 8 and go home.

  7. Why are carriers with lots of seniority working weekends? If there isn’t enough mail for Saturdays, they should be giving senior carriers Saturdays off.
    Good idea Karen.Expanding hours,that makes sense. I know at many offices where I work, people are lined up out the door at closing time.

  8. In the proposed legislation, the Postal Service can even ask for less than five days! If you read, just pay attention to what N.Z. and Australia want to do by years end. The two countries want to go to three days delivery per week! Be careful of what you wish for, for you may get what you want.

  9. Reducing six day delivery effects all of us. With the consolidation factor, our plant is already scrounging for space. The last thing we need in an entire extra day of mail sitting around with no place to put it.

  10. i think we need to expand hours especially at the level 20 and above post offices. have them staying open til 8 or 9 pm and it will bring in more revenue than they could even imagine! test market this idea in los angeles and new york city! i am positive it would startle all of us with the big revenue it would bring in. instead of staples taking the customers we are missing by closing early, let’s stay open later and keep that revenue completely to the USPS.

  11. rolando ignores the fact that the vast majority of the american people (who own the p.o) don’t give a rat’s a$$ about saturday bill and advert delivery. don’t take my word for it ask yor neighbors.

  12. Tom NL, CCA’s are not hired as career employees so they WILL be the first to go. PTF’s had the word CAREER after their job title, like I did 26 yrs. ago. If you were not hired as a career employee the only way you’ll hang on to your job is through senior carriers retiring. First Class letter mail is in decline, it is not increasing, the delivery schedule needs to be decreased to meet this decline. Parcel and spur volume is increasing and at my office, we deliver parcels (AMAZON) 7 days a week. This makes business sense doesn’t it? As far as prefunding goes, to have a nest egg is a good thing, but being forced to prefund in such a short time is non-sense it needs re-amortizing.

  13. Screw the NALC, nothing but crooks lining their pockets. That’s why I stopped paying dues to those slugs 4 years ago. They only save the lazy man, if your doing your job, you don’t need to be protected. Shut it down and privatize then see what the money grubbers in the NALC say.

  14. Stuman…. How is it that 5 day delivery will save carrier jobs? The carriers I know say they are getting worn down by all the mail that needs to be delivered, so if life on the streets is that tough with a six-day delivery how is it going to be with only five? The mail volume demands more carriers and no matter how management tries to say no the numbers don’t lie. You never just give away jobs unless you’re a management toad. The postal service has one big problem; pre-funding. You get rid of pre-funding and everything changes. The postal service isn’t in that bad of shape and we don’t need to be closing processing and distribution centers or local post offices. The postal service needs to expand services so the people can receive the best service possible. If this was a private company, the pre-funding would never have happened, we wouldn’t be cutting back but expanding so we would be better able to serve our customers needs. The internet is a great place to buy things. Those items need to be delivered. Out of all those items delivered how many have to be sent back because they don’t fit or just wasn’t what the customer expected? So the cycle begins again with the replacement item, but the point is this, first class mail maybe on life support but package delivery is here to stay, so get in the game and take it over. Stop being a toad and get to work!

  15. Ya now postmaster General dona-douche wants to consolidate mail processing and slash delivery standards so now we can get our delayed mail 6 days a week!

  16. Stuman what you say is 100% correct. 6 day mail delivery is a wasted cost that has no need or serves any useful purpose for American public. Revenue declines and lawmakers play politics to get votes from carriers who will decline in numbers as mail volume and revenue declines. ROLANDO need to realize carrier jobs are endangered. Politics and pressure per lawmakers fail to deal with cost but their focus is do whatever to gain favor to get votes for reelection without dealing with the realities of decreasing mail volumes creating massive monetary losses. USPS should focus on increasing parcel volume as this this market will continue to increase. Parcel and shipping revenue continues to increase to SPLY.

  17. the mail volume is shrinking, trucks are old and unsafe and should have been recalled for shifting out of gear! but then again i remember driving around in the exploding pinto’s which were taken off the streets but bought up by the U.S.P.S.!! They were really looking out for my safety. we are loosing millions of dollars everyday,what are they thinking? get rid of all the bureaucrats who never touch mail including my union, and hire someone who knows how to run a business!!

  18. Rolando ignores the fact that an overwhelming majority of his members want weekends off. Guess that’s what your dues pay for.

  19. Stuman you have no clue about the job! sounds like your a cca.everyone took pay cuts when we started.if we did go to 5 day and you are a cca you would be the first to go..genius.if you want weekends off go work somewhere else.
    All your TSP…..well said brother.

  20. NALC is prolonging the agony! 5 day delivery is needed to save USPS and carrier jobs. NALC considers union dues before carrier paychecks.

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