NALC: Trump 100-day contract with voters could leave 15,000 letter carrier jobs vacant each year

The second item in Donald Trump’s 100-day “Contract with the American Voter” could leave more than 15,000 letter carrier jobs vacant each year and prevent city carrier assistants (CCAs) from being converted to full-time career employees. #1uVote #1u

27 thoughts on “NALC: Trump 100-day contract with voters could leave 15,000 letter carrier jobs vacant each year

  1. Trump/Pence/Wall/Victory/2016! Clinton/Obammy/Lynch common criminals! Postal Union Thugs line their pockets while workers get a crummy 1% raise. ALL IN WITH TRUMP! Hilderbeast For Prison 2016!

    • We desperately need someone to overturn the money changers table in the DC temple. Trump will stir the pot like it needs to be stirred. Why are all the establishment politicians scarred ? Why are the main stream propagandists in the media scarred? Why are all the government teat suckers scarred? Same reason every real blue collared worker in American is voting for Trump! Our last chance.

  2. Government corruption has grown to an all time high. All parties included. The postal service has been abused for many years stripping revenue to increase irresponsibe spending. This country was founded for freedom of religion without the interference of goverment. Today government has taken over more areas of our lives causing caos and blaming others while
    Stripping religious freedoms. Are we going to humble ourselves
    And unite in prayer for Gods grace or will we destoy our nation fighting amoung ourselves?

  3. Well,if the people in SanDiego County are dumb enough to re-elect Darrell The Arsonist Assa again,and who’s number 1 mission is to make the Postal Service insolvent and privatize it,he will have an ally in Congress.

  4. The Postal employees that want Mr. Bankruptcy for President, be careful of what you wish for! So go ahead and vote for the Ratpublicans. You hate the union so much you will find out how pleasant work will be on your own. The Ratpublicans want to make America a right to work for free nation. Go and prove you don’t have any self respect. Allow your self to be screwed.

  5. We aren’t treated the same as other federal employees. The PO is a separate entity. The President of the United States has no say on a postal hiring freeze. Again- nice try nalc. Maybe focus on getting us a decent contract instead of this other crap you idiots

    • I’m having too much fun with the convention, and free tickets to sporting events to worry about getting you stooges a new contract.

  6. Yet there are morons scattered all over my workplace that are voting against their jobs. They are voting for Trump… PT Barnum once famously said…….

  7. Ridiculous Article very laughable. Great example of scare tactics from the pathetic NALC. That’s why there are so many people angry in this country because of the garbage you guys put out there. Pathetic

  8. Also, the President and Congress really don’t care about the Post Office. It’s been 6 years and no postal reform yet so why would they do anything now?

  9. The President cannot decide this stuff all by him/herself. If that was the case then we would already be in 5 day delivery since Obama had it in his budget. Nice try nalc.

  10. Sounds good!
    Management is getting bonuses for low OT hours and we the new converted regulars are not making ends meet.
    I’ll take all those over time hours!!!!!

  11. We probably shouldn’t get too worried about this deranged maniac. I do think anybody in the Service who would vote for Trump in the face of the threats to their jobs he is proposing has to be crazy as he is.
    But in presidential campaigns, a candidate can sound like an autocrat who tells potential voters what “they” will do, and conveniently leave out the fact they have to work with Congress. Trump may appeal to the thickest and most hateful of the nation’s voters, but he has burned every last bridge behind him, and has done little but make powerful enemies of those he would have to work with in the very slight chance he did get in.
    Overall I have never been sicker of a presidential campaign, the terribly unprofessional national media all the way around, and the embarrassment we deal with having such a egomaniacal psychopath like Trump running for office. I truly cannot understand why anybody would believe him, vote for him, or think he’d be good for this country. I guess some people are too lazy to research, gullible or programmed to vote GOP regardless of whom the candidate is. We created Trump, and we can destroy him by showing up November 8 and send his ass away for good. Republicans, you can do better and he’s very possibly cost you the House and Senate majorities, too.

    • Thank you sir for your 32 years plus of hard service. I respect you as a
      worker, and once believed as you do. We of the state of Michigan have
      heard many lines like “I feel your pain”. Here you don’t have to look
      far to see the truth. Look at flint, or the 5 who died in Pontiac at USPS.
      Have your Heavy metals checked?. The more you know about the truth, The only thing you can say is something has to change!. We live in America making your choice, along with those who disagree a right
      that many have paid dearly. Best of luck to all in a just outcome.

  12. I have heard that many Postal employees plan to vote for Mr. Bankruptcy for President. Now with his plan to allow so many vacant routes, just think of all the over time. Many carriers will be working, and working, and working! That is reason enough to vote to stab your self in the back.

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