NALC: Trump administration’s 2019 budget targets letter carriers and their families

Yesterday, the Trump administration released its Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 budget proposal. If enacted, the budget (outlined in a document called “Efficient, Effective, Accountable – An American Budget”) would add at least $7.1 trillion to the federal debt over the next decade, even while it calls for the same job-killing delivery service cuts to the U.S. Postal Service that last year’s budget proposal did. Additionally, it calls for massive federal spending reductions over ten years, including major cuts to federal and postal employee benefit programs, and a federal pay freeze starting in 2019.


Although, Congress is still working out the appropriation bills for the current 2018 fiscal year (following last week’s bipartisan deal on budget caps, see the March issue of The Postal Record), the process for next year’s budget begins with the annual submission of the president’s budget. The administration’s budget blueprint is not binding, but it does signal to Congress which policies are advocated by the president.

While breaking campaign promises by calling for massive cuts to Medicare ($554 billion) and Medicaid ($250 billion) over 10 years, the administration’s new budget also calls for gutting the Affordable Care Act and aims direct attacks on federal and postal employees and their agencies.

“The chickens are coming home to roost from last year’s reckless tax cuts, which increased the federal budget deficit to more than $1 trillion this year,” NALC President Fredric Rolando said. “The administration is once again targeting the Postal Service for service reductions and calling for pension and health insurance cuts for postal and federal employees – all to pay for last year’s corporate tax giveaways. These proposals are outrageous and we will resist them with all our might.”

A summary of the budget’s attacks on federal retirement, Federal Employees Health Benefit Program health insurance, the Postal Service and the Labor Department shows that the Trump budget would cost letter carriers and their families thousands of dollars annually – more than wiping out any tax savings provided to us by the temporary middle-class tax cuts enacted in 2017.

“In the weeks ahead, we will work with allies in both parties to fight these proposals,” Rolando said.

13 thoughts on “NALC: Trump administration’s 2019 budget targets letter carriers and their families

  1. Ok Robert…… we have had several Republican presidents since this business was founded and yet here we still are. Your right- a Republican president will completely distroy the P.O. after 150 plus years of being in business…… keep drinking the union koolaid and make sure you send them your PAC $

  2. Trump train riders……are you happy now ? Its all about the upper crust people, this administration is all about the money, how they can get their hands on the most, and keeping the middle to lower class the hell out of their pockets. ( look who is running the gov’t ) They absolutely NEED a lower class system because SOMEONE has to do the hard labor. Preferably move the middle class to an “upper lower class” that is the intent. Dont let them get to smart, to fast, to confident, to prepared…keep them dependent, keep them struggling. Because SOMEONE has to buy this Bull***t !

  3. Fred Rolando(CLOSET REPUBLICAN)the only republican is as a union president, because you done great job of screwing us letter carriers by yourself without the help of republican. 1.) you created the CCA that are harrassed and abused by management.
    2.) regular carriers and CCA’s are harassed and abused everyday through phony discipline for unrealistic expectations, and you damn well those expectations are not attainable!
    3.) Routes are understaffed everyday intentional to make the difficult even more difficult and all for management ‘s bonus.
    4.) Give backs in health benefits which negates are raises.
    5.) We want to file a grievance and we can’t because the company union tells us “they could do that” ,”they are allowed to be wrong “, and the are allowed to mismanage”.
    6.) Carriers skipping lunches and breaks.
    7.) Management harassing carriers for using the bathroom.
    The only Trump republican is Fred and you need to be voted in 2018 by David Noble and the clean sweep. These are some of things happening under your watch.

  4. Heard this same thing last year, the year before, the year before that, the year before that……. ECT. Gonna hear the same thing for the 2020 budget too. Nothing changes and nothing happens. Broken record again.

  5. We get this same announcement from the NALC every time a budget is submitted. Not to cry wolf though – we need to know this information. However, historically we have as current and retired postal employees have escaped the proposals to slash our benefits and reduce the number of jobs.
    It is truly confounding to know how many people in this country and not just postal employees are so determined to vote for Trump and Republicans with only guns, religious Christian fanaticism, and hate the only priorities they seem to deal with. Nobody wants to hurt people more than Republicans but their voters seem to be incapable of understanding how they’re being played for idiots. Karl Rove even admitted one time in an interview that the GOP catered to the stupid people in the country, and further added that if they are halfway smart they always desert over to the Democratic side. This is why Republicans cater to the most vile behavior and switch positions at the drop of a hat. Whatever their grass roots base is riled up about, they just respond accordingly for votes. That they contradict themselves, lie like dogs, and continue to try to wipe out fair voting, unions and affordable health coverage and still keep those voters doesn’t say a lot for the intelligence of the supporting public.
    I am not very confident of Rolando’s “tough talk”, either. The NALC needs somebody who is a lot tougher. But it’s what we have, so we have to work with it. Let’s hope no Democrat stays at home in the mid-terms. We can get the House back and if a really wild turn of events transpires, maybe the people who recognize Trump and the GOP Senators for the unbelievable and criminal assholes they are can take back the Senate. It’s a long shot, but everybody thought Trump was a long shot, too. It was stupidity and hate’s crowning achievement when he got in office.

  6. The Federal employees that voted for Donald Dump don’t care if their benefits are cut. They only want to pray and buy as many guns as they want. Think of the coal miners, the UMWU is upset with their hero because he doesn’t want to enforce the mine safety laws and wants to eliminate the Black Lung benefits! Love to read the New York Times and the Washington Post. Many great stories about our pal. Not fake news, fake President. Just remember, if your pay and benefits are cut and you voted for the Ratpublicans it is just what you asked for! Just suck it up.

  7. Any postal worker that likes their job, benefits and pay AND ALSO choose to vote Republican, have to be the most stupid people on this planet.


    • Robert-does that mean you are going to give back the money from the tax cut you got, or are you OK with being a hypocrite?

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