NALC: Trump’s federal hiring freeze

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LETTER CARRIERS LOGONALC: It is unclear if Trump’s federal hiring freeze applies to USPS


NAPS received the following statement from USPS Headquarters on January 24, 2017  regarding the 2017 Hiring Freeze.

“The Postal Service provides an essential service to the people and businesses of the United States, and is a critical part of our nation’s infrastructure.  In view of our independent status, past Executive Orders imposing hiring freezes on Executive Departments and Agencies have not applied to the Postal Service.  We have reached out to the Administration to discuss this matter.”

Trump freezes hiring of all federal employees

22 thoughts on “NALC: Trump’s federal hiring freeze

  1. Has anyone ever gotten out of paying dues by filing PS form 1188? Seriously considering it this year on my anniversary of joining the union. You need to jump through hoops of fire to get out!

  2. A hiring freeze that affects the post office should absolutely give unions more bargaining strength. Also, in Trumps directive, it basically said it would not interfere with union contracts. Be good to your workers PO, it may be all you have for awhile. Use the most of what you have. Most PO workers would be more willing to go the extra mile without all the harassment. Its the harassment that weakens them.

    • Roland’s Mother should’ve flushed that scum down the drain, excuse me world but this i personal whats being done to Postal Retirees with this scums blessings. That is going to hurt me, and this is how much it hurts.

  3. Pre fund , play defense , and a salary that is so far behind the cost of living it makes an average blue collar letter carrier wondering what fast Freddy will come up with when the arbitrator decides that the dedicated , conscientious letter carrier who shows up every day, gets let down with another contractural increase that leaves this craft way behind the cost of living, ( no cola in years ) , and still under $60,000 . All this while the board of governors for the USPS grow 1000% with bonuses and perks that give each member over 500,000$ … hello ? The workers are the ones who have delivered an average of 125-250 parcels a day (UPS numbers ) with 5 trays of DPS and 4 feet of flats each day (not counting pickups and prepaid returns ) ..thank you Freddy rolando for taking the east road out of town again and leaving the lette carriers without a descent and well deserved increase for the ever expanding job of managing their routes with integrity and honor!!

    • What? You can’t live off of $60,000 a year! You only deliver 5 trays of dps?!?! And ONLY 4 feet of flats?!?!?!?! Try 12′ flats, and 10 trays dps…. I could support 4 families on my income!

    • Actually the new starting salary for city letter carriers is $38,000.00 and NO I CAN”T LIVE ON THAT. Take out insurance, taxes etc. Oh wait!!! I can’t go regular yet and there is my route right in front of me, BUT NO a flippin hiring freeze so again no benefits. Started the post office in 2005 and STILL NOTHING and when it’s in reach a stinking hiring freeze THANKS TRUMP. I VOTED FOR A MAN THAT JUST SLIT MY THROAT! PERFECT

  4. That’s right Fred the NALC always plays defense that’s why the NALC needs to be thrown in the garbage along with postal management. It is time for you and the NALC to disband and let the TEAMSTERS take over. There is nothing proactive with is piece of shit so called union. No matter who is power whether it is democrat or a republican always playing the defensive excuse.

  5. The Congress needs to also look at themselves. Term limits is a must with most of the members getting to be millionaires while serving. I agree with saving money to help the 20 trillion in debt but they need to show the way by cutting their bennies first.

  6. I hope like hell Maggie Brennan uses that same “we don’t use taxpayer money”, on Trump.

    That line my have flown with Obama who’s never had to understand a balance sheet, but it would just stand to insult Trump.

    Maggie’s days are numbered regardless…her days of spending like a drunken sailor on shore leave are over.

  7. Doesn’t this union always play defense Rolando? When was the last time we were aggressive and went after something ? Yeah I can’t remember either

  8. Don’t worry if your union allows the po to continue to make carriers work after dark and deliver packages late and falsify scans you wont have a job in a few years anyway when we start losing the parcel business, your union is weak and afraid to address this issue.

  9. I know of a few carriers that voted for Mr. wonderful. they voted for him because they liked the idea of a hiring freeze. They were thinking of all the overtime they will be blessed with. That will get old soon. try working 12, 14, or more hours a day for how long? Enjoy.

  10. President Rolando’s comment about Postal workers playing defense in the coming years is kind of comical!! Here’s a guy that has testified in front of several committees that it is acceptable to screw with postal retirees health insurance benefits and mandate medicare participation, instead of fighting to eliminate the prefunding of retirees healthcare mandate! I guess when someone makes $225,000 a year like he does, $150 dollars extra a month is affordable, but to a retiree it isn’t! I think he needs to fight for all postal workers including retirees!!

  11. Is the union really this stupid we have a contract that is outstanding this hire freeze is a gift because you would gain leaverge over the post office in regards to the contract
    Currently we are on the lower end of pay compared to FedEx and ups ( 29 compared to 35)
    As regulators we lost the right to
    Amazon Sunday overtime
    They want us to pay for insurance

    And you guys want allow them to be able to hire more Cca that ultimately
    Hurt the need for regulars and the current you give all the power of bargaining back to the post office

  12. Once again the NALC is wrong. The USPS borrowed $15 Billion from the U.S. Treasury in 2012 and hasn’t paid any of it back. That IS taxpayer money and more than a dime, idiot.

  13. best raise a postal worker ever got was in 1970 under Republican President Richard Milhouse Nixon………..stop listening to the fake commie news these crap socialist unions put out. what have they done since 1970………1%? a dead Jimmy Hoffa could do better than 1%. postal worker unions have never fought for more money……they approached the po mismanagement with a tin beggers cup. all of a sudden they get all PMS and say they have to go mano a mano with Trump…..what a joke. Obammy never gave them a glance……Al Sharpton was at the white house 115 times in 8 years, I don’t think anyone in the 3 big postal unions ever went once. bring in the clowns, they are already here! Trump will grind you sissy mary union thugs under his heel…….if he choose’s too! and why not? do these union management thugs give themselves a 1% raise every year? they are quite generous with your union dues.

    • Man I saw you Don the Con and PUTIN in a three way.. not pleasant to watch.. Especially the peeing scene.. yukk

  14. My brother-in-law’s cousin and his soon to be son-in-law are in the process of being hired under my direction. Trump’s better not to mess with it.

    • And what are you going to your nepotism in the post office doesn’t get hired.. you Bafoons voted for him didn’t ya.,

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