NALC: Urge Your House Rep To Support Serrano Amendment to ‘Save Saturday Delivery’

Last week, the House Financial Services and General Government subcommittee released its Fiscal Year 2015 Financial Services and General Government Appropriations bill. This bill has traditionally included language that preserves Saturday delivery. Unfortunately, the bill was introduced without the language.


 jose serranoThe ranking member on the committee, Rep. José Serrano (D-NY), is planning to offer an amendment to restore this vital provision. This coming Wednesday, June 25, at 10 am, the full Appropriations Committee will “mark up” the measure—that is, it will consider and debate amendments to the bill.

Your House representative needs to hear from you on the importance of including this critical language in the bill.

To support this effort, please call 202-225-3121 today and ask your House representative to vote for the six-day delivery amendment offered by Rep. Serrano when the appropriations bill is amended by the full committee on Wednesday morning.

Also, tell whoever answers the phone that:

  • Ending Saturday delivery would do more harm than good by driving away business and revenue. Eliminating delivery services also would hurt every American throughout our country in communities large and small, including senior citizens and small-business owners who rely on Saturday delivery services.
  • The Postal Service is the largest civilian employer of veterans in the United States. With a workforce that is 25 percent veterans, the loss of 80,000 full- and part-time jobs that would follow the elimination of Saturday delivery would hurt the veterans who are current postal employees as well as the thousands of future veterans who will be seeking civilian employment.

– See more at: Urge your House representative to support the Serrano amendmentto save Saturday delivery

6 thoughts on “NALC: Urge Your House Rep To Support Serrano Amendment to ‘Save Saturday Delivery’

  1. NALC states carriers are professionals. If so, they should be able to drive those older trucks. Whine on…

  2. Uh, guest – some people may find this hard to believe but there is more to life than college football. And that was the U of A, not the city proper.

  3. I would if my piece of Tea Party lover shit Steve Womack of Arkansas wasn’t my Representative. He worships assholes like Issa, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Michelle Bachmann and the most radical right wingers in D.C. because his district with the exception of Fayetteville, which has the main campus for the University of Arkansas and thus has smarter people who vote Democrat or Green, his constituents are a bunch of ignorant redneck Bible Belt yahoos who only think about guns, how much they hate gays and lesbians and anybody they disagree with, even though most of them can’t even articulate themselves. Womack’s dad, Kermit Womack, is a loudmouth local AM radio station owner and adores his Congressman son, who gets all the available airtime he wants. The elder Womack, referred to as The Colonel, may be a nice enough fellow, but he’s hard to the right, and his local political call in show is a laugher. He can barely read himself, constantly stumbling over words he can’t pronounce, the other day referring to somebody named Johann in Germany as “Joe Hann”. His listeners are even more illiterate, and many call in during the wrong programs.
    Womack Jr. hates labor and has done nothing for carriers. He’s arrogant in the extreme, and so are his politics. Watch out for him – he’s another Rand Paul or Ted Cruz. That’s why I’m not bothering to call.

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