NAPS and USPS Agree to Extend Pay Talks

12/21/17 – The U.S. Postal Service and the National Association of Postal Supervisors have been engaged in EAS Pay Consultations for FY2016-2019 since September 21, 2017. Under Title 39, USPS is supposed to provide NAPS with a final pay package within 90 days from the start of pay talks – that is, by today.

However, in the spirit of cooperation and good faith, and in the best interest of NAPS members to attempt to achieve a fair and equitable pay agreement, NAPS and the Postal Service have agreed to extend pay talk consultations into January 2018.


The NAPS Resident Officers thank the membership for their understanding, cooperation and patience in this matter. As we extend pay talks into 2018, pay consultation remains confidential until a final EAS pay package is received.

On behalf of the Resident Officers, entire Executive Board and NAPS HQ Staff, we wish you and yours a Happy Holiday and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

Brian J. Wagner
President – NAPS

Source: National Association of Postal Supervisors

3 thoughts on “NAPS and USPS Agree to Extend Pay Talks

  1. The carriers union voted yes by 93% for 1 % raises, why would do nothing management want or need more. Even 1% for drinking coffee and relaying district orders is to much, they would get a 50% pay cut outside the usps. Have you actually read the things they write, illiterate would be a complement for them.

  2. Management in a union (excuse me, an “association”). The very idea is preposterous. No performance standards, no accountability, no real responsibility. They take those frustrations, and their diagnosable mental illnesses out on the employees.

    In the plant where I work they no longer attempt to run it at all. Regional makes remote control decisions and browbeats the local management on these foolish thrice daily telecons when things don’t get done.

    They’re stealing, plain and simple and now they want a raise? Wow.

  3. Give ’em a pay freeze,there are already too many of these overpaid putzes and Muffin Megan and her minions at headquarters are claiming again the sky is falling and the PO is bleeding red ink,give them a bone with lump sum PFP bonus’s rather than roll it in to their overpaid wages.And why do they have to “consult” with NAPS anyway since they are supposed to be non-bargaining?, just implement a new pay scale, top management determines their wages,NAPS is not a union,they should just have to suck it up and take what their consultant determine what is appropriate for their “skills”.

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