NAPS HQ Addresses USPS Early Out Rumor

NAPS HQ has been receiving calls and emails concerning an article that is being attributed to the Federal Times titled “Early-Out Offer For USPS Management Likely Coming September 16th.” This article quotes supposed comments made by President Louis Atkinson this issue. NAPS HQ has validated with Immediate Past President Louis Atkins that nosuch interview has occurred and that he has not made any statement to the effect that is being attributed to his name in this article. NAPS HQ is reiterating that NAPS has not received any correspondence that an early out event will occur. NAPS views the correspondence that is being attributed to the Federal Times as fake news.
federaltimesarticle note: Actually this article is referencing early outs from September 2013
A VER will be offered to all field EAS employees. The VER offer includes all area and district
EAS employees. VER-eligible employees will be mailed retirement applications and annuity estimates during the week of September 16-20.

11 thoughts on “NAPS HQ Addresses USPS Early Out Rumor

  1. Mgmt keeps trying to get rid of senior personnel but, at least I can say for myself “bring it on”! I’m middle-aged, no kids at home anymore and no-one to answer to, so if they think they’re making my life miserable by taking away my weekends they are only padding my 401k with the x-tra pay premium. I may not like what they’re offering but unless $$$$ is on the table I will continue to coast along….

  2. Why hasn’t Megan Brennan come out with a statement about this false story and it takes NAPS to shoot it down?

  3. It truly is bizzaro world. The more they buy them out, the more job cuts there are, the more the volume decreases, the more bosses there are. Like cutting back a bush, it grows faster once it’s done.

    Notice they got rid of the “program.” Why? Because the slugs they wish to promote are not minimally competent at anything, not even an entrance exam. In my facility we have MHA’s and PSE’s (a direct contractual violation) acting as supervisors, you can’t even call them 204b’s, they’re non-career after all.

    I thank God I’m at a point where I can tell them to go to hell, and I do. Funny how after a couple of encounters they just leave you alone. I count the days to the last punch. About 300 odd now. Leningrad held out for 900 days, I can do this.

  4. The Buy out are over for craft. Why should they offer buyouts when they have the ability to hire scrubs. Forget it.

  5. If I was EAS I’d be sweating bullets now…looks like massive EAS job cuts are coming.

    The gravy train is coming to an end for postal middle management.

    • This is a fake news story,they are adding more people to management and the EAS gravy train is not stopping under this PMG. We are still getting our fat PFP raises compared to your 1%.

  6. 1 cents would be to much buyout money for these losers…………..wait till they try to get other employment and have to tell the employer they came from the Postal Circus……….they will never work again. postal circus “dieversity/affirmative action” posers with only a high school education is no way to go through life or get a job in a new private sector company!
    yes…….”DIEVERSITY” killed the Postal Circus. Bury It On The Altar Of Political Correctness/Socialism/Communism. Buy FDX, UPS, AMZN stock! It’s a good day to see this dump going down the drain. ps-President Trump fire that Obammy hire PMG Brennen………not worth a tinkers damm.

    • Obummer had nothing to do with Muffin Megan’s appointment,that would be the BOG with only three sitting members and Drump is all for her move to continue Downahole’s initiatives with the unnecessary dismanteling of the networks with no cuts in the management numbers.Drump is very happy with the direction she is taking it and would sign any bill to privatize it.

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