NAPS Supports H.R. 756, Postal Reform Act of 2017

naps-logoThe National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS) reviewed H.R. 756, Postal Reform Act of 2017 and is in support of the bill. To read NAPS’s letter to Chairman Chaffetz and Ranking Member Cummings of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform supporting H.R. 756,.

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4 thoughts on “NAPS Supports H.R. 756, Postal Reform Act of 2017

  1. Any so called reforms will weaken the US POSTAL SERVICE. The only reform that is needed is to go back to the previous pre funding of the health and pension plans .Back to the 75 year window from the scandalous 10 year window the republicans put in to weaken and privatize the Postal service.The republicans have NEVER looked out for the working man .Only public office for private gain,just look at their history.

  2. The latest Postal “reform” legislation should only be endorsed by employee organizations if, and only if, congress makes every other employer in America pre fund their health care costs! Place an anchor around every other employer neck. First up, Congress! Eat your own creation.

  3. We don’t need to pay for duplicate coverage. If we are forced to pay for medicare , then the usps should pay 100% of cost for a medicare advantage plan. The usps paid advantage plan would cost the usps much less than they are now paying and the cost to the retiree is less overall. The real loser is the nalc losing 100,000 hbp enrollee’s.

  4. This Country can not afford Medicare now, it wont be able to stay afloat when u thru all the postal retires on it. We postal employees put up with substandard wages, because of the benefit package, many skilled postal employees who go to work for the postal service, took an avg. wage cut of $10,000.00. Now ur going to take our health coverage away when we are going to need it, rather self serving. The USPS already has turn over rates of between 40 and 60%, Senior employees refuse management jobs and new supervisor are coming form the temporary work pool.This is why so many supervisors and managers who are suppose to be represented by the NAPS aren’t members, because the leadership is so out of touch with its membership base. It would be a different store if the NAPS executive board had to actually work for a living. Don’t worry when the OPM and the republican administration outlaws Federal unions all you NAPS officers will have to go back to work or retire, that’s one way of cleaning the hen house.

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