NAPUS: Obama FY 2015 Budget includes several USPS related proposals

napus r eagle logoFrom the National Association of Postmasters of the United States (NAPUS)

Today, President Obama unveiled his Fiscal Year 2015 Budget and it includes a number of proposals that relate to the Postal Service.

  • Refund the Postal Service the projected Federal Employees Retirement System overpayment of $5 billion, over a 2-year period
  • Recalculate the USPS retiree health liability and restructure the payments, which the Administration projects will provide the agency with about $9 billion in relief through FY 2016
  • Provide USPS authority to reduce mail frequency to 5-days a week
  • Permit the USPS to shift to curbside and centralized delivery, and codify POSTPlan
  • Extend the 4.3% exigent postage rate increase permanently, rather than ending it in January 2016

In addition, the President’s budget would permit the Office of Personnel Management to:

  • Offer FEHBP coverage for domestic partners of Federal and postal employees and retirees, beginning in 2016
  • Contract with Preferred Provider health plans, as part of the FEHBP
  • Contract directly with pharmaceutical providers
  • Permit FEHBP premium adjustments based on participant’s tobacco use and/or enrollment in a wellness program

Finally, the President’s budget does not propose to implement the so-called chained-CPI. source:

PR Note: Here are a few excerpts from Obama’s FY 2015 Budget as it pertains to USPS


14 thoughts on “NAPUS: Obama FY 2015 Budget includes several USPS related proposals

  1. Take a poll of all your employees and you’ll see the MAJORITY wants M-F workweeks…but that isn’t good for union pocketbooks is it? And that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

  2. the unions need to change course dramatically to survive and prosper. i think it should be obvious to most that the current union tactic of giving all the money and union resources to get democrats elected is a FAILURE! yes, i agree that most republicans would love to kill the unions entirely tomorrow. however, the dems seem very content, and a conspiring party, to let the unions die a slow death as they grab everything they can get from the dying union! this is unacceptable.
    the unions must expand their base by organizing the retail and fast food workers.
    the APWU and NALC are whing about the staples deal that transfers retail jobs to nonunion staples employees. well, put your effort into unionizing the staples employees.
    these are jobs that aren’t going away and will expand in numbers. yes, they are low paying jobs but that doesn’t mean they can’t be organized. also, the unions must understand that contracts agreed to by management and gov’t bodies that promise future benefits without conditions in place to FUND these commitments are not a good deal for union workers. telling someone they have a great healthcare retirement plan and great retirement benefits is worthless if businesses and municipal governments aren’t required to fund these promises they made.
    these promises will simply vanish leaving the old retired folks to scramble to survive.

  3. Scott, above, got it right. Obama’s budget is just window dressing, and will be DOA in Congress, thanks to the Tea Baggers #1 strategy of gridlock, and doing nothing to solve problems. This is why so many old timers are bailing out of Congress – they are disgusted at these assholes and how they have been allowed to hijack the Congress from making any compromises, and getting anything useful passed.

    He’s right, I haven’t seen any real Democrats with a set of huevos, to take on these morons in a long time. They have all been co-opted by lobbyists and special interests.

    Government of the people, by the people and FOR the people? You must be dreaming. It’s now run for the corporations, banks, insurance companies and the 1%. All these Congressmen are trying to do now is join the club. There are a couple of exceptions, like Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. It’s a sad state of affairs now, that you basically have to sell your soul in order to get elected. And a Supreme Court that rules that rich assholes like the Koch brothers can spend as much as they want in election campaigns with false propaganda in order to push their selfish interests.
    Dylan got it right years ago – money doesn’t talk, it swears.

  4. I thought Obama was for unions and the middle class. Just another one of his many lies. Elections have consequences!

  5. I don’t understand. The USPS is “self sufficient.” Free from tax dollar funding. So why does President Usama bin Obama feel the need to interject Obama care into the USPS as part of the budget? You never heard a peep from him regarding AMP studies or closures! Now he actually wants to help dismantle the USPS. How does 5 day delivery figure into the fiscal budget? He wants to misappropriate the money cutting a day of service will yield. The real problem the USPS faces is the same problem it’s faced for decades. Congress and the President have scavenged off USPS profits to fund their own unprofitable causes. Borrow for this, borrow for that. How about a little assistance for a change. There is a committed for USPS funding in Washington! So where does the actual “FUNDING” go? Wanna save some money? Stop funding a committee whose only function is overseeing funding of a GOVERNMENT AGENCY that doesn’t receive ANY FUNDING! DUH!

  6. I agree…do away with OT and go to all evaluated routes!
    (and 5 day delivery)

  7. This budget proposal is dead before it’s ever published. The House and Senate have already worked on their own budget proposals that will trump over the president’s. It’s just a PR game to try to convince the country that he (Obama) cares and actually has the power to do this shit, which ultimately he does not.
    If and when postal reform does pass both chambers though it does give us an idea what Obama would approve and veto. If he was serious about helping the USPS he would have canned Donohoe a long time ago, so I doubt Obama really gives a shit one way or the other. I’m a Democrat, but I haven’t seen a real Democrat in years. This Congress is useless and only in it for their lobby bribes. Only a damned fool would think any lawmaker in either party was interested in them. Sad but true.

  8. blah blah blah,2 years from now we will still be delivering 6 days and going door to door,nothing ever gets done,alot of talk no action,same old shit.

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