NAPUS: Part-Time Postmasters to be assigned to Career Clerk Craft positions

napusThe Postal Service has provided NAPUS  and the LEAGUE sample of letters that will be sent to Part-Time Postmasters that outline policy concerning termination of saved hourly pay and opportunity for Part-time Postmasters in RMPOs to be assigned to a Level 6 career clerk craft position in their office.

This material is a changed from previous information provided to us and posted on our website concerning salary determination for Part-Time Postmasters who accept an assignment to career clerk craft positions.

In accordance with MOU dated September 22, 2014, concerning POStPlan; Part-Time Postmasters who occupy the level 6 position in Remotely Manages Post Office (RMPO) will be offered the opportunity to be assigned to a level 6 full-time clerk position in their office.

Postmasters who accept the opportunity to be assigned to a Level 6 career clerk craft position, will receive a promotional salary increase of 5%. If the salary calculation is above the maximum step of the appropriate salary schedule, the salary will be placed at the top step ($27.30 per hour) of level 6. If the salary calculation is not above the maximum, the resulting salary will be slotted into either PS Schedule 2 or PS Level 3 depending on the career appointment date.

Postmaster who accepts an assignment to career clerk will have their annual leave carryover reduced to bargaining unit ceiling of 440 hours. Employees will be permitted to use the hours in excess of the reduced ceiling during the balance of the 2016 leave year.

Postmasters who accept an assignment to career clerk, and have earned a Pay for Performance (PFP) award for FY 2016, will be paid as a lump sum on January 27, 2017. Postmasters who remain in their position will have any applicable PFP percentage applied to the hourly rate of pay. Part-Time Postmasters who have separated after September 30, 2016, and before the effective date of payment on January 7, 2016, will have the PFP check sent to the employing office.

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11 thoughts on “NAPUS: Part-Time Postmasters to be assigned to Career Clerk Craft positions

  1. They should reapply and reinterview for the clerk spot in their office just like PMR had to to try and become PSE and keep their jobs! I do not feel sorry for any of these Postmasters. How nice that NAPUS/LEAGUE came through for their PTPM and kicked so many good and longstanding PMR out to the cold, PMR who held down offices for years as OIC when no one was appointed to their offices until some Tom Dick Harry off the street moved in. Incredible.

  2. Most of these commenters have no idea what the story is really about. First, the postmasters who will be converted to level 6 work only in smaller post offices, not the plants or larger offices. During the post plan, smaller offices were cut in hours and pay, and postmasters had the option to retire, take a lump sum and leave, or accept reduced hours and pay. These smaller offices, per the APWU agreement, were supposed to be staffed by clerks, with postmaster jobs being converted to clerk through attrition…well, the attrition has just been sped up, and these part time postmasters will become clerks. This does not harm in any way clerks in plants or post offices, so your vile comments are wrongly given.

    • Many of the Postmasters these days are not worrying about this. The
      ones who are long gone. They don’t care to waste their time being
      connected to this mess. They left while the getting was good. The ones
      I know were good leaders. Now they don’t even want to be customers.
      I don’t know what the Post Office is going to do, but who’s job is it to
      make it a viable business?.

  3. Now they will have to learn to sit around and do nothing but think of petty grievances they want filed. Clerks pretend to work. The Post Office should pretend to pay them.

  4. The two postmaster organizations,NAPUS and the League of Postmasters was supposed to merge…what happened?

  5. that rat diamondstein is going along with this after our crap contract? no OT for clerks at our plant, all going to mail handlers because mis-mgt says clerks are not needed……we don’t want these scum! nor do we need them according to mis-mgt. make them mail handlers and let them unload the 55- foot trailers in 110- degree heat! how will they survive without a 3 hour lunch lol!

    • Dimondstein had nothing to do with the previous contract. You can thank Guffy for that mess!

  6. The question is, why didn’t this get offered to postmasters who have already left the service, rather than be demoted to part time status? Will those who feel they were forced to retire have an option to come back?

  7. I believe that anything has to be better than what I have seen. The Post Office allowed
    my old Postmaster to get rid of us all. The Postmaster relief was real nice lady who
    taught preschool kids at a catholic church. To this lady’s credit she did not miss a
    beat. She is still is just as much as a angel as always. The people have never complained so much, but who is there to hear. I guess it will be easier to watch, when
    what comes around, go around. It is too bad it is always the same. Bad people never
    see the out comes of their actions, until they come home to roost.

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