Nearly 300 in Richmond VA join lawsuit against USPS avoiding payment of overtime

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -Lawyers filed a collective action complaint with about 40 plaintiffs in federal court on Monday. It claims Post Office management “required…mail carriers to work ‘off the clock’ without compensation in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.”

It further claims that employee time cards “have been deleted and/or altered by supervisors and management to reduce the total number of recorded hours worked and paid in a given day and/or week.” All, the suit claims, to avoid the expense of overtime.

It claims management received bonuses as an incentive to keep overtime low and that the USPS has cut staffing and labor costs by $10 billion over the past decade.

This filing is actually a companion lawsuit to one filed last month in Federal court claiming the same things, except it specifically targets the Richmond main post office on Brook Road. That’s where the allegations first surfaced with 21-year-old letter carrier Shekeera Greene.

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19 thoughts on “Nearly 300 in Richmond VA join lawsuit against USPS avoiding payment of overtime

  1. Come to my facility where the concubines of management are paid for overtime not worked. Two caught so far, one a two week suspension another reassigned. Crime does pay, sometimes.

  2. starting from Meghen Muffin on down the corruption is rampant.
    Thugs and toolbags run the roost and will use every evil, unethical,
    immoral, perverse way to screw the workers. Open your eyes. Look
    around at what goes on every day. Lies, made up stories, false
    statements etc etc etc. Just keep working and put on the blinders but
    be ready because someday it will be you that they go after. Nepotism.
    Favoritism. “Vermin everywhere” No morale. No one cares. SDOs/MDOs
    do nothing. Drink coffee and smoke all day while the craft workers
    make sure the customers are getting their moneys worth. More with
    less. No thanks. no incentives, but we get it done in spite of the
    toolbags and thugs. Fire them all.

  3. LOOK AT RICHMOND P&DC AND YOU WILL FIND FRAUD AND DOCUMENT TAMPERING ON A WIDE SCALE …look close at maintenance dept. and also apwu..

    • You just explained what the Democrats have been doing to the working class since world war 2. NAFTA, CAFTA, Repeal of the Glass-Steagal Act. Thank God Almighty that President Trump said NO to TTP……….Killary Clinton would have rammed it down our throats like her husband did with NAFTA. Glad you see the lying Democrats the same way I do. a lie gets half-way around the world before the truth can get’s its pants on- Winston Churchill.

  4. People in power always take advantage of the workers. The people vote to allow unions and laws protecting workers to be destroyed. Just make America a right to work for free nation. Abolish consumer protection laws. Make it easier for business to file for bankruptcy so everyone can be cheated. They vote for someone that is against them, then they wonder why they always get left behind! Time to sit down and think! People run their lives based on emotions and not on intellect. Many people don’t like certain types of residents. afraid that they will steal what they own. While the people they vote for help business to steal their jobs, retirement, and health care. Time to think!

  5. As a former TACS clerk, I know that many managers have adjusted clock rings to avoid paying overtime. It used to be a rule that any adjustments could only be done with the employee’s permission, but that has fallen by the wayside. I think a national clock ring audit of all adjusted times could easily be done, it would be a big report, but could be printed with times going back over 15 years. Any managers caught changing clock rings without permission should be fired….they did steal, after all.

  6. It’s a sad state of affairs when an employee or group of employees has to sue their employer for wage fraud in the year 2017 and even has the protections of working under a Union contract…

  7. look we have to get the money for our bonus scam some place and with 1st class mail dropping like a rock you slugs now become the dupe……union thugs look the other way as they grab you union dues money for Vegas trips and 2 hour lunch’s at fancy restaurants on K Street…..I see them there all the time. (wink wink nod nod) just bend over and let it happen, it will feel really good if you do not resist…..TRUST ME! Oh there is muffin IOD Meaghan loading up the van for a lunch run… to go, bye! and don’t forget, if you are behind on your route scans……just skip lunch….take one for the team lol.

  8. Come to Baton Rouge, La. Manipulated clock rings have been going on for years. Where is OIG. This should be a national class action lawsuit!

  9. ME TOO! PO Mismanagement stealing Overtime from workers to increase their bonus money. President Trump please drain this corrupt PO Swamp. Fire IOD Muffin Meagan Brennen!

  10. He He! I told my underlings to screw you peons with the clock rings.
    Guess what, I got promoted to be a MOS.

    Bwaaa haaaa haaaaa!!!!


    • hire a labor lawyer….po workers always trying to do things on the cheap and then wonder why things end in failure.

  12. What about the union they are not exempt either. Especially when Nat. business agent that frauded me out of 2 years backpay. APWU saw the same document that was given to me after years of being given the deaf ear. It was confirmed a fraudulent document. That didn’t stop the harassment and retaliation. It took the workers to see the document didn’t look real.Then finally a retired postal worker was the one who urged me to reach out to fraud and forgery expert. I still pray for justice. I am losing my home and concerned about my recovery from breast cancer from the added on stress of what has been done to me over many years of abuse.

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