New Jersey Mail carrier charged with assaulting co-worker during delivery route

WOODBRIDGE – A New Jersey mail carrier is facing charges after he allegedly assaulted a fellow mail carrier while on his delivery route.


Police say that the incident happened on Califon Drive in the Colonia section of Woodbridge around 11:30 a.m. Monday. Steven Kromphold, 37, is the usual mail carrier for this area of town.

Police say that another mail carrier was working with Kromphold when they noticed that some of the mail was wrongfully sorted. This led to some sort of argument, and police say Kromphold then punched his 44-year-old assistant in the head.

According to police dispatch calls, Kromphold may have also hit the victim with a mail scanning device.

Police say they found Kromphold at the post office a short time later. He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

Police declined to identify the name of the victim. He was taken to Rahway Hospital to be treated for a head injury, but is expected to be OK.

source: Mail carrier charged with assaulting co-worker during delivery route

3 thoughts on “New Jersey Mail carrier charged with assaulting co-worker during delivery route

  1. So the swing was not prepared properly, and the help got whacked with a scanner. The article doesn’t say anything about whether the arrested carrier started the argument, but he definitely finished it and his career, too, I would imagine. I have been around a long time and there have been close shaves in my 31+ years between workers, but we’ve managed to avoid actual physical confrontation.
    It would do us well to remember that our jobs are that: jobs, good paying jobs with excellent benefits and options for retirement. If you have decided that the USPS is your career, where some younger ones sometimes go on to other pursuits, which is fine, and you have family and obligations galore, how do you explain to them that you lost your cool and assaulted somebody because the swing wasn’t prepared properly? Now where are you going to work?
    Same goes for drug dealers who use the USPS to deal their dope, show up drunk, steal, etc. It’s one thing to lose your job at 7-11. It’s another to be stupid enough to lose one of the best blue collar jobs out there. Whole lotta growin’ up needs to be done.

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