New NALC, USPS contract ratified

August 07, 2017
New NALC-USPS contract is ratified
The active membership of the National Association of Letter Carriers has overwhelmingly ratified the proposed 2016-2019 National Agreement with the United States Postal Service. By a margin exceeding 16 to 1, eligible members voted to accept the tentative agreement that was announced on May 12. The vote to ratify was 78,935 to accept the agreement versus 4,732 to reject it, as reported by NALC’s Ballot Committee chaired by Joseph DeRossi of Jamaica, NY Branch 562.

NALC will officially notify USPS of the August 7 ratification date.

Information on back pay and the implementation of the new contract will be released as soon as possible.

The new contract covers a 40-month term from May 16, 2016, to Sept. 20, 2019.

22 thoughts on “New NALC, USPS contract ratified

  1. They took away the 2 cents on 1st class mail to make sure we lost money for the contracts, now they are talking to allow postage increases after the contracts are ratified, unions are a joke. How Rolando found 85,000 dopes to vote, let alone approve the contract is unbelievable. No contract will ever go to arbitration again, only losses in future contracts when the usps shows that 95% of workers are overwhelmingly thrilled with a 1% raise coupled with paying an ever larger share for hbp’s and pensions.

  2. a 1% raise and true inflation at 5-6% (not the fake govt cola number) means you are moving backward’s, slow starvation. while Rolando sits on his fat lazy ass on K Street, eating steak during his 2 -hour lunch. I call postal workers “sheeple strong”! dumb as a box of rocks or dumb as dirt, take your pick. In addition, I hear postal workers always talking on and on about “how the po has to stay in business like it is some kind of sacred right” while they drive foreign automobiles giving the middle finger to the American auto worker…………what a bunch of low IQ fanooks! United Parcel Service, Federal Express, and Amazon will turn the po into a low pay, junk mail mailing house… best!

  3. enough with Trump, Obammy did nothing for post office in 8 years, got 2 checks from W Bush for $300.00 during his 8 years. fear of loss vs opportunity to gain………accounts for a 16 to 1 ratio among the sheeple. when you are down so long, everything looks like up. I have seen these crap postal company unions giving 1% raises for the last 30 years, while the postal union leadership thugs give themselves 10% and party in Vegas on your dime……that is why I opened a Scottrade account years ago and started putting 10% of salary (in addition to15% in TSP stock) and all overtime into blue chip, divident paying stock, including UPS, FDX, AMZN, & WMT. having a second job as a licensed real estate broker who has been flipping houses before it was popular on TV….has just been a plus because I am able to deal with people other than postal workers. postal workers remind me of people who live in russia, work in a factory, and get smashed on vodka to ease their troubles because everything is hopeless. voting NO would just have made this scumbag Rolando have to get off his ass and do a little better…….letting this scummer off the hook to screw you again is just insane. even the timid clerks had the balls to get rid of Cliff Guffy. you are all just on the deck of the HMS Titanic and are to stupid to realise it………wait till AMZN gets those 90 Boeing 767 Freighters and starts to deliver their own packages…………your 1% solution will be no solution. me…..I have no idea what my postal retirement is going to be don’t care, after 40 years I get over 100K yearly in stock dividends………..didn’t need a scummer like Rolando to tell me how to invest my money!

    • 100K in stock dividends annually & still working for USPS? Interesting, since AMZN hasn’t paid a dividend since its inception. The jury is still out on Bezos. His whole “delivery by drones” idea got a a lot of press but will never fly. And he’ll find out that owning/operating 90 767s’ costs more than he thought too. (Let’s see how he handles the pilots’ union). It’s one reason USPS ditched its private airline fleet years ago. Anyway, I m glad the market has made you rich, but I sense the whole story is not being told in your post. Nevertheless, if you’ve been able to sock away 25% of your income for a few decades good for you. (Most USPS workers can’t) I suggest you sell now & reap your capital gains before our next market crash & all your stocks tank by 50% or more. Trust me, when that happens, you’ll want an “idea” of what your postal retirement is…..

  4. Terrible contract I overheard The Union rep and postmaster laughing…How stupid the members are. The work load has doubled but they got a pay cut! Hee Hee

  5. R mccaskil- I am actually a union steward in my branch, and have challenged regional reps, and even spoken to Fred himself about our last contract. They all have basically told me to not question the leadership of this union. Well somebody has to. This union only cares about how many members we have, and how much $ it gets from dues. I attended our last state convention, and all we heard was to get the CCA’s to join. For what? This contract is a little better for them, but it’s not good enough. Our 1% raise isn’t either. Not when regular inflation is over 5%. But you can go ahead and keep drinking the koolaid. Our next contract won’t be much different than this one. Until we stand up and say something, nothing will change. Contact Fred. Tell him this is bs, and we deserve better.

  6. City carrier, for the most part are greedy and lazy. There is still too much Overtime being paid for routes that have been properly adjusted, according to NALC agreements. Mail volume, besides parcels is non-existant. I am so glad I did my time, and have retired. Unions have outlived their usefulness, and are now good for nothing more than keeping people employed, that do not want to work. So sad!

  7. Now that this piece of crap contract has been ratified,maybe,just,maybe NALC branch 545 in Charlotte,N.C. can exhaust this great momentum and get letter carriers paid for qtr 1,and qtr 2 overtime equitability. Then get busy on getting carriers paid for setting at home,while non odl carriers make penalty.Rediculous that in 16 pay periods,2 grievences regarding overtime have been paid this year. Leadership in this branch,is a disgrace,and shop stewards are so lazy and careless they leave grievant statements laying around in the swing room under melting ice cream cake,and then tell members,their grievence has been filed. What incompetence. Local president wont allow shop steward elections, because he approves of this stupidity.

  8. I’m an NALC member and retiree but I didn’t get a ballot. Don’t retiree members get to vote? We still pay dues, too! If that’s the case, then somebody screwed up at NALC. If not, it’s not fair to us at all. Our benefits and annuities are vulnerable to change and attack, and we should still get a voice. I am not happy about this, and the 16 to 1 ratio for ratification sounds high to me. I can’t prove anything one way or the other, but given the gripes I see here I can’t help but wonder.

    • I found out that retirees do not vote on National Agreements. I understand we are not affected by workroom issues, but COLA’s, retroactive payments that cover when I was still active plus the facts I pay dues and care about what happens to my friends who still work at the PO is good reason for we retirees to be able to vote, too.
      I can’t change the NALC Constitution and it will not be done so with or without my input. Still, it irks me that I pay out dues but perhaps other than electing officers, I have no voice to speak of. Guess I better start reading up on retiree issues because the GOP and Trump could screw us over too, and there would be nothing we could do especially if we live in a very very red(neck) state like I do, where my U.S. Representative and both U.S. Senators were against the ACA, hate the federal workers and their unions, and want to keep dragging the country back to the Jim Crow Stone Age with their hate, racism, ass kissing to the rich and powerful owners who yank their strings, and keep America as stupid and gullible as they can get away with. I don’t just blame them – I blame voters who keep this criminals in power.

    • Sorry, my former mailman, but retirees do not get a vote. Only active letter carriers. It is in the by-laws.

  9. hmmm..wonder when the last meeting carrier chuck went to a meeting? This is a different time and era. Thank u chuck for the things you have done but think of the now not how it was.

  10. Nice job members. Settle for another mediocre contract. Any of us who have been in this union for a period of time knew we would get the standard 1% or so raise, and our dues and healthcare would go up. This contract isn’t different than any of the others, even though now with Amazon we are making all kinds of $ yet the carriers aren’t rewarded. I believe the last contract we got, was based on the “financial situation” of the post office, and we still got the same thing as now. Hmmmmm……. could this be just a game? Fred? Can you explain that to me please? I sure hope soon that our members actually realize what is going on and start standing up to our union leadership, rather than just taking their word for everything. Fred is out to line his pockets, and he could care less about us. The sooner he is gone the better.

  11. The contract was the best that could be expected in this time of anti worker government. I know many carriers would like more. Some would say that they could have arrived at a better contract. If it is so easy to be union president just run next time elections are held. With the RATPUBLICANS in control, people that hate unions, nothing will be done without a fight! I read in the Washington Post that the Mine Safety Administration doesn’t want to enforce all mine safety laws. Now when the MSA visits a mine and a violation is seen, the violation is ignored. Now the UMWU is upset that the man they wanted to win won’t help. President Dump hates regulations. So at this point, be happy you got anything.

    • Talking out of both sides of your mouth on the one hand you say nothing can be done without a fight,on the other roll over and be happy you got anything. After it took 15 months and a whole year after the last contract expired I would have fought for gains on the non-economic parts since the NRLCA screwed all the unions and gone to arbitration which probably would have produced a faster contract resolution than this.

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