‘No Mail Mondays:’ Long-time Postal Service complaints worsen during holidays

12/7/17 Raleigh, N.C. — For weeks now, mail delivery complaints have flooded into WRAL’s 5 On Your Side from across the Triangle.

Complaints include misplaced packages, days without delivery and important mail arriving show up days late.


The problem started well before the busy holiday shipping season, but some say it seems to be getting worse.

Brookwood neighbors in south Raleigh joke about what they call “No Mail Mondays.”

There’s tremendous population growth across the Triangle, more online packages than ever, and the Postal Service facing staffing and funding challenges, it makes it hard for postal carriers to keep up.

Source: ‘No Mail Mondays:’ Long-time Postal Service complaints worsen during holidays :: WRAL.com

Complaints grow about mail service in Raleigh NC

22 thoughts on “‘No Mail Mondays:’ Long-time Postal Service complaints worsen during holidays

  1. It isn’t just North Carolina, in Missouri the Service opened an Annex “again” that is staffed with subcontracted non-postal employees. The Plants in Missouri and Kansas are sending mail to this Annex to sort and cull and dock transfer rather than utilizing the sanctioned postal employees (both clerks and mail handlers). The mail coming out of this Annex is delayed, miss-sorted, and is not cost effective. The overtime lists are not being utilized and maxed out and there are both clerks and mail handlers standing around for hours with nothing to do because the mail that they would normally work has been sent to this Annex for processing.

  2. turn every thing over to amazon with the stipulation you make us a billion a year and keep the change. instead of losing a billion a year run by these morons. po has 80-100,000 managers and only 700,000 employees . none of those managers touch a single piece of mail. worst run company in america.

  3. I hear that the District Manager in charge of this ineptitude is none other than “Big Russ” Gardner, who you better not get between him and a photographer. Seen him on TV apologizing for this crap?

  4. notice the Function 1 Scheduler kept the 75 do nothing PO Vice Presidents-what a joke this cesspool is.

  5. that’s what happens when you do away with service standards/next day mail service..you close plants,make people retire so you can hire pse’s for way less money..you got what you paid for

    • Very well thank you and just wait till January when we excess people to Timbuktoo and service gets worse like we want it to.

  6. In our office we have been told to bring back everything that can’t be delivered by 8pm. Over the past couple weeks, particularly on Mondays there is as much as half of some routes not delivered, parcels are scanned delivered to meet Amazon requirements but, the parcels are not delivered until the next day. Our local doesn’t seem to care either and is even signed a memo of understanding allowing regulars to be mandated on Sundays without any input from the carriers.

  7. when the phone rings 30-40 times in our office and then stops, I always tell management if you ignore the customers long enough they will go away. I don’t think they understand what I am saying. I usually look at them and ask, “Hey, what’s that noise?” , I suspect our crack management staff is conveniently unencumbered by the thought process. This is the only multi-billion dollar organization that would put someone with a GED in charge of a unit and attempt to manage people.

  8. Another Mismanagement Tactic. fire everybody every month and hire new . No Benefits and career except for them.

    • Blame the APWU in 2011 under Cliff Goofy’s brilliant leadership and the stupid members for voting for their horrible contract that enabled them to increase the casual percentage to more than 20%.

  9. US Postal Circus Peter Principle-uneducated friends, family, sex partners, & affirmative action without any merit is no way to run a company or government agency. AMZN stock is over $1,100 for ONE share. UPS, FDX, all making $Billions and improving their business through competition…..while the Postal Circus is dying on the vine.lost over 125 Billion in last 11 years. PMG Brennen and her crew of pirates are only lining their pockets for a quick buck until they retire with their high 3. Congress is clueless, same problems over at the VA Hospital System. Socialism does not work. These people are criminals.

  10. we have to start a white house petition to stop the PO Mismanagement PFP Bonus plan scam……..let you know when it starts-will have to spread the word through social media……..will need 100,000 votes for them to respond. next will be “on budget” request…….best disinfectant against these creeps is sunlight!

  11. If they planned for this all year long, then why is it such a disaster? Raleigh is a well known cesspool with clueless supervisors, many who have never carried mail, and district staffing based more on affirmative action than merit. Just who is the district manager there?

  12. Mgmt could care less about customers or service, and considers them a nuisance at best.

    We are witness to the destruction of the world’s greatest postal system solely because of it’s incompetent, unethical, unqualified, and corrupt mgmt.

  13. This is only the beginning. The toolbags in charge have
    ravaged the PO to the point of stagnation. It is almost
    impossible for the PO to survive as currently managed.
    The toolbags have purposely cut staffing, jobs, standards
    so that the PO is unable to perform as mandated. Good luck
    to the new hires who decide to stay on. 50% turnover rate today.
    How about in five years. Its only getting worse by the day. Get out
    while you can. The end is near.

  14. The Postal service is doing everything possible to anger the public! The question is does Postal Service management really care? If they spent as much time on improving service to the public as they do torturing the employees, complaints would drop. In the late 70’s an arbitrator ruled on a grievance by saying ” Management has every right under article 35 to mismanage”. Time to grab the Mae West life jacket.

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