North Carolina Mail Carrier Facing Life Threatening Injuries After Being Shot On Duty

8/31/2017 CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A 53-year-old mail carrier is facing life threatening injuries after being shot on duty Thursday in southwest Charlotte.

Officers responded around 1:30 p.m. in reference to a shooting. After arriving on scene, officers said they found a United States Postal Service employee with gunshot wounds. He was on duty when he was shot, authorities said.


Homicide Detectives said their initial investigation shows that the mail carrier and suspect did not know each other. However, the two apparently got into an altercation and the USPS employee was shot, authorities said.

The man’s mother identified him as Edward McDaniel

Police say some sort of altercation led up to the shooting. However, the victim’s mother is asking why anyone would shoot the mailman.

NC Mail Carrier Facing Life Threatening Injuries After Being Shot On Duty

9 thoughts on “North Carolina Mail Carrier Facing Life Threatening Injuries After Being Shot On Duty

  1. Our niece was murdered, yes murdered in Canton, Ohio while delivering her route.There continues to be violence out on the routes and the postal service turns a blind eye. Being sent out in know gang areas and going house to house to deliver mail is crazy. The comment to me from the postmaster (while she lay dying) was “they weren’t after the mail” . He wasn’t the one that had to tell her father she was going to die and hear him scream. I did. There needs to be something done. Prayers to the family and gentleman.

  2. We Americans can thank our government for encouraging every citizen to be heavily armed. Not like times in the past when we couldn’t walk around with guns every where. One isn’t safe any place.

  3. I hope this poor fellow survives with minimal permanent damage. We don’t know the nature of the altercation, but when will management and the NALC work together (that’s rich) to make it safer for city carriers who go into the worst neighborhoods in our cities every day, knowing full well the streets are death traps in certain parts of any decent sized city?
    I do not want to criticize management or the NALC at this point because it is not the time. While I can only voice an opinion very few ever read, I can suggest that in certain areas of cities known for gang activity, high crime rates, and drug dealing on street corners the guarantee of universal service be eliminated. City and rural carriers deliver customers’ mail free of charge, in all manner of weather, and in these bad areas are taking risks just being there.
    People need to understand they have a responsibility to do what they can to make their neighborhoods at least safe enough for a letter carrier to deliver their mail. Those who are druggies, or other types of low lives are at fault here, and if they make their projects or parts of their cities hell holes too dangerous for people to go anywhere near, then they don’t deserve mail service. Sure, those who live there but aren’t criminals will complain, but that can’t be helped.
    Mandatory PO box rental at lower prices is the best solution in problem areas. No postal employee’s life is worth the risk he or she takes to deliver mail.

    • Totally agree. The cluster box idea was going to be done in the area where my niece was killed BUT, but the neighborhood people said it would be “hard on them” . These are the same ones that turned a blind eye to giving info on the murder of my niece. Same area where another man was murdered, and several postal employees threatened again.

      • “Hard on them”? Not so hard as being shot or mourning the loss of a loved one. Perhaps the people living in these dangerous neighborhoods might find the will and means to clean them up.

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