NPMHU Challenges Planned Closures and Consolidations via National Level Grievance

NPMHU_logoThe National Postal Mail Handlers Union has initiated a Step 4 grievance concerning violations arising from the Postal Service’s plans to close or consolidate approximately 82 facilities starting in January 2015. In particular, the NPMHU believes that the Postal Service’s decision to close or consolidate these facilities is a violation of  USPS Handbook PO-408, Area Mail Processing (AMP) Guidelines, which is incorporated into the National Agreement through Article 19.


Additional details available at this link. (pdf)

4 thoughts on “NPMHU Challenges Planned Closures and Consolidations via National Level Grievance

  1. The moron union… Still better than the tubby “whine to management so they give some of my duties to the mailhandlers (off the books, of course)” APWU and the “take my sweet time for some OT w/ a beer in my hand and a 5 lb bag over my shoulder” NALC. You losers just had to be greedy. No sympathy for watching your jobs die out. There are advantages to being a grunt worker. You zeros might want to brush up on your toilet scrubbing skills soon. See what i did there? Brush…scrubbing.. nudge nudge.

  2. NPMHU the moron union. I’m sure the APWU & NALC will chime in on your pie in the sky by and by arguments. If for the sake of argument the arbitrator finds in your favor, it will merely delay things until USPS conducts updated surveys and the like. Read your Article 3 for the bottom line…the bargaining unit is not a partner in any of those items contained therein.

  3. The Democratic Party hasn’t defended the labor movement since the 80’s. Free Trade agreements moved millions of good paying Jobs to Asia, replaced them with low skill, low pay labor. Equal Pay,Living wage, health care, etc weren’t a real issue until the decline of Unions. When did UNION become a dirty word?
    Can’t blame this entirely on Republicans, Neo liberalism is just as damaging to the Labor movement.

    Bernie Sanders For President 2016

  4. I’m all for fighting for our jobs and the middle – class and giving Americans quality service at an unbelievable price… But let’s be real here…. If we don’t get out and vote on Nov. 4th and vote out republicans in the House and Senate, we’re for sure gonna have more closures and consolidations until they get a Republican in the White House in 2016. From the polls rite now. It looks like the Republicans are gonna take over the Senate and keep the House… That’s why every Democractic vote counts!!!!! Every Republican Presidential Candidate Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Bobby Gindal, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Scott Walker and and the other idiot from Wisconsin. They all want to PRIVATIZE us!!!!! It doesn’t cost taxpayers one penny so why is it on the Republicans agenda????? Because Pitney Bowes, UPS and FED- Ex want the mail and packages.. People, WAKE UP!!!!!! Republicans don’t give a shit about the normal everyday people. They just care about the RICH and Corporate cronies.. You don’t need a advance degree to figure it out and they’ve been telling it right to our faces and we allow it.. What republican bill have they passed in 6 years that helped Americans???? NOTHING!!! The closed the fuckin government for Gods sake. Can’t even pay and help veterans returning home. But the have no problem giving HUGE government contracts to DEFENSE CONTRACTORS… This country’s Ideology is soooooo backwards!!!!! GOD help us…

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