NPMHU Files NLRB Charges against USPS over Scheduling, Failure to Provide Info

NPMHU Files Charges with NLRB RE: Function-1 Scheduler And USPS Failure to Provide Information

11/2/17 To protect against statutory deadlines, the National Office has filed an unfair labor practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board, alleging that the Postal Service has failed to bargain in good faith by providing all of the relevant information requested by the National Union. The National Contract Administration Department has been pressing the Postal Service for months seeking information and worksheets relevant to the application of the Function-I Scheduler in any and all mail processing facilities that may be affected by this management tool.


Download (PDF, 1.07MB)

A copy of President Hogrogian’s memorandum to Local Presidents and the NLRB charge are posted here for your review

9 thoughts on “NPMHU Files NLRB Charges against USPS over Scheduling, Failure to Provide Info

  1. Just wondering, if a class action age discrimination may be initiated as the “scheduler” appears to be aimed at disrupting the lives of senior, older employees?

    • And also it is a tool they are using to prevent PSE’s and MHA’s from becoming career employees as regulars retire or leave.

  2. what would happen if the union, or employee didn’t turn over all their required information as asked? The employee would be disciplined, and management would be angry with the union. Just think the Ratpublicans want to make America a right to work for free nation! Nothing like going back in time. Read labor history and find out how hard and long workers fought for respect and decent pay. And realize how the workers that voted for the Ratpublicans screwed themselves! They will find out when working conditions are like the 1880’s.

  3. They fabricate these Computerized “tools” then everyone MUST follow like the pied Piper’s sheeple. Right to mismanage shouldn’t be writing a computer program and everyone HAS to follow it as good for the Customers or the Company. No accountability.

  4. Go get em Tim they can run but they can’t hide. We will prevail against these idiots who call themselves managers. Fight on brothers and sisters

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